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Desc:Probably the most interesting thing that's ever happened at a baseball game
Category:Sports, Stunts
Tags:baseball, Cops, hero, no spoilers in tags, not so short but kinda sweet
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Born in the RSR
Prince of Persia Style, motherfuckers!
And so he was crowned the King of Baseball. Forever. By the drunk guy who was with him in the holding cell.
Beer-induced Parkour. Stars forever.
After his divorce, Spider-Man became the most kickass alcoholic of all time.

People should be allowed to picnic on that grass knoll.
Not shown: the 20 foot drop behind that wall.

It must be a bitch to mow that spot of grass!
The Townleybomb
This probably is the most interesting thing ever to happen at a baseball game!
Fuck you. Baseball is great.
Jet Bin Fever
Here's to you man, for giving baseball fans one tiny cathartic release in the middle of the monotonous drone that is their sport.
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