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Desc:...I guess this was an exciting part of Oblivion? Mud Crab week ahoy!
Category:Video Games, Nature & Places
Tags:Oblivion, crab battle, mud crab, goodbye cruel world, mud crab is now a linked tag
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Caminante Nocturno
I was hoping the crab would win.
These games never change. Whatever you're fighting is in the air and you just sort of swish back and forth haphazardly. A lot like a gay pride parade in a red state.
Robin Kestrel
Seriously. Nice looking graphics, but everything moves like a piece of paper in a breeze. That fucking crab should be PONDEROUS, not flying around like a moth.

I think whoever made this video screwed around with the size values.

I saw some mudcrabs by the water recently. I steered clear of them!
Disgusting creatures! I hope to never see another.

Well at least they're slow, and not too bright. Their pincers are sharp though...

What news from the other parts of Tamriel?

I can't believe they spent so much time on the graphics of this game but the weapon swinging animations look like something out of Jurassic Park: Trespasser.
this was just one of those silly mods. Some guy got tired of hearing the characters say "I've fought mudcrabs more fiercesome than you!", so he decided to make some that would actually be scary.
American Standard
Was gonna say this. The game did not ship with mudcrabs.

Morrowind had an independently wealthy drug-dealing mudcrab, though.


American Standard
Urgh. I mean to say, "The game did not ship with mudcrabs LIKE THIS."

Syd Midnight
Oblivion isn't very good until you've added 40 or 50 mods to fix all the mistakes and problems, and preferably over 100 mods so you forget what half of them did and some of them conflict and it becomes an adventure in Artificial Insanity and surreal emergent gameplay with stuff like this happening out of nowhere, all the time.

"Hard Rock Battle Music" would make a pretty good mod too.

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