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Desc:Randy Quaid and his wife are targets of a secret squad of assassins.
Category:General Station, Educational
Tags:Randy Quaid, Gangstalking, star whackers
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Comment count is 10
Saw the video title.

Thought "gangstalking tag."

Was not disappointed.
How hard could it be to kill Randy Quaid?
Also, the whole logic behind the "star whacking" thing is that influential celebrities with too much star power might get people to start thinking "too much" about certain topics (9/11, gangstalking, vaccines, you name it) Because, you know, Randy Quaid is the first man you would look for socio-political advice.

Syd Midnight
It seems it's not so much classic Gang Stalking as his golddigger wife driving him insane so she'll be the only person on earth that he trusts, a Sid & Nancy situation where a sociopath permanently latches onto a minor celebrity.

http://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/features/2011/01/quaid-201 101

Void 71
This is much less depressing if you pretend that it's an elaborate put-on that ties into a movie, like what Jim Carry did before Man on the Moon was released
Hammer Falls
He's still going on about this?
I don't know, doing straight to video Vacation sequels and the like, I think you're doing a wonderful job of killing your career yourself, Mr. Quaid.
You must take him seriously! He's wearing a tie and glasses.
This is why you need a pet when you are young. You learn sometimes things just die.
I guess his mother was right. He could never could compete with LLOYD BRAUN!
He was never the same after he flew that jet into the mothership.
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