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Submit A New Video - Step 1/4
Please read the following at least once.

1. No NotSafeForWork videos. No prolonged nudity, sex, or death videos. Language does not make a clip NSFW.

2. No Not Safe For Work sites. If a video is on a NSFW site DO NOT SUBMIT IT! If you see porn ads, nudity etc - DO NOT SUBMIT THE VIDEO!

3. No profanity in the title or description. Read it again. Memorize it.

4. Be descriptive, not judgemental. This goes for both comments and descriptions.

5. Do not submit videos to attack other users. Do not claim the video is of another user etc, do not make personal attacks through videos.

6. Check for duplicates first. Do not use this form to submit resubmits, find the dead video and use the dead link, link.

7. Link to the landing page, not the video. If the page is framed, make sure to remove the frame (ie. google video search).

8. Register/Login Before Submitting. While not required, only registered users can submit videos from non-approved sites.

9. Multi-part Videos. Submit the first part first.

10. Do NOT submit videos featuring people receiving serious injuries Including breaking bones, getting hit by trains or cars, etc

Submit A Video - Submit A Music Video

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