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il fiore bel - 2012-05-02



Interesting effort, but five-starring yourself is totally gay.

HiThere24 - 2012-05-02

if you dont like yourself, then who will like you.

Snakeweapon - 2012-05-02

More like "If you don't 5-star your own video, who will 5-star it?"


In your comment above, you're missing a capital letter to start your sentence with. There should also be an apostrophe in the word "don't", and lastly, if this is supposed to be a question, it should end with a question mark.

HiThere24 - 2012-05-02

@snake im prolly way smarter than u, so ill let u correct me to make yourself feel better.

P.S. thx for the views ;)

Snakeweapon - 2012-05-05

Didn't you ever wonder why wavy red lines appear under everything you write? Let's find out why:

-The word 'im' is not a word by itself. From what I intuit, you were trying to contract the words 'I' and 'am' in which case you should use the apostrophe between the I and M, like this: I'm.
(Protip: If you press the shift key and the quotation mark button right next to the Enter button on your keyboard, this magic typographical symbol will appear!)

-'Prolly' is not a word. I think the one you were looking for was 'probably'. A smaller word that can mean the same thing is 'might', but be careful, it has more than one meaning depending on context!

-U is just a letter, and again, not a word. If we're trying to convince others that we're smart, we should use real words, and always be sure to use them properly. I think the word you're looking for here is 'you'.

-'ill' IS actually a word (it means 'sick' or 'unwell'), but I think the one you were going for is 'I'll', which is a contraction of 'I' and 'will'. See first point for usage of the apostrophe, and remember, whenever you're using the letter I as a pronoun, capitalize it!

-Lastly, I don't watch your videos and contribute to your precious 'views'. I spend the clip's length of time writing you helpful messages like this one! You're welcome!

HiThere24 - 2012-05-07

Okay but you add a view everytime you com on this page; so thx.

nd im startin to think you have no life bro but watever. hope you find yourself in life nd start realizing tht you didnt create poetv or even help to its success. your jus some loser who thinks your entitled to "uphold its good name" and "what you think it was created for." but since you never talked to the creators nor are you a creator idk how you can make any sort of judgement on how i should use the site.

so go home, go get some girls, nd move on with your pathetic life and stop harassing me you nobody, who will never amount to anything.

P.S. I knw you are prolly gunna respond with some long b.s.; im informing you im not gunna read it or care bout wat ur saying because you are an idiot and a waste of sperm and will b lonely the rest of your life.

Peace and thanks for the view(s)! ;)

Snakeweapon - 2012-05-10

Thank you for so courteously responding to my previous post, friend, and congratulations on your first foray into paragraph writing! However, it would appear as though you have not been practicing your grammar, punctuation, and basic English as we have been discussing, and so I will forego the usual lesson at the risk of sounding redundant.

Please understand that a paragraph such as the one you're reading now typically takes mere seconds to execute, as one possessing average language and typing faculties, and is no major expenditure of time. In fact, I consider it my civic duty to take a moment and help a little retarded child to cross a busy street, speaking metaphorically of course. If you pay attention and practice hard, you'll be able to do the same one day.

FunFact: 73Q views are easy to get, and not a reasonable way to gauge the popularity of your little "music clips". Currently you've got 470 "views" for this offensive and poorly-produced tripe smoothie you've concocted. Do you really think this thing has been watched that many times?

StanleyPain - 2012-05-02

I'm pretty sure you don't understand how POETV works. See, this isn't some video aggregation site frequented by millions of retards. The community here is pretty small by most internet standards and although sometimes videos here do indeed show up on google searches (rather than directly on YT), we get very few regular visitors from people who aren't already members of the community which is, again, pretty small.

So, basically by uploading your own garbage to the site you're basically farting in a crowded elevator and hoping that some of the people are fart fetishists when, if you were actually intelligent, you'd go to a fart lovers convention and fart there instead where everyone would love you and give you the hugbox attention you need and crave.

But, you're one of those who think that any little tiny piece of shitty, sewage-covered internet fame (even if it's getting your ass handed to you on a site that no one wants you on) somehow proves your worth rather than what a pathetic attention whore you are. So..good luck with that I guess.

HiThere24 - 2012-05-02

thx for the views ;)

Twitch - 2012-11-19


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