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Caminante - 2007-01-19

Yeah, Family Guy. Lame.

Meatsack Jones - 2007-01-19

Aye. Family Guy was funny for about a season.

minimalist - 2007-01-19

Actually Family Guy was funny for about a never

Mayberry Pancakes - 2007-01-19

Family Guy would work if they only told one of those "jokes" every 2000 years

bongoprophet - 2007-01-19

Cartmans' right, there's nothing worse than people asking "you must like family guy right?"

Mallard - 2007-01-19

Meh. One pasts-its-prime cartoon points out the faults of another past-its-prime cartoon.

kwelladakid - 2007-01-19

Yeah, Family Guy is not good.

Aelric - 2007-01-19

both family guy and south park are in the slow death, both being too reliant of gimmicks

CharlesSmith - 2009-12-05

Name a single "gimmick" south park relies on. Name one.

remedios - 2007-01-19

family guy is stupid and ugly.

mr666 - 2007-01-20

Such hate. For shame internet nerds, for shame.

athodyd - 2007-01-21

The best part of this episode is how it's EXACLTY LIKE FAMILY GUY.

fluffy - 2007-12-07


Namor - 2007-07-29

I don't see how you can compare South Park to Family Guy. One show was once really funny, and the funny has been in decline. The other show was never funny at all but it's fans are obsessive assholes who scoff at anyone who doesn't share their opinion.

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