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Artist:Purity Ring
Category:Music Videos, Rap Hip-Hop
Tags:danny brown, purity ring
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Merzbau - 2013-01-04

Be sure to click through to the original for download links to the original and instrumental.

godot - 2013-01-04

I like the album, but rapping over slightly dated UK bass music isn't nearly as endearing as the original vocals (depressed fairy princess reciting her high school composition book ruminations on sea water, blood, vinegar, tears, sebum, and sweat).

Merzbau - 2013-01-05

I dunno that I'd characterize it as bass music- it seems to draw from Houston and Memphis rap production more than anything else- but I dunno, I almost like this version more than the original for Brown's weird nasally flow. Purity Ring are producing a track for his next album, which should be fun.

Merzbau - 2013-01-05

I dunno a lot of things, apparently. I do know that I should not try to write anything on a smartphone screen when I'm this hungover, because it makes me look like a goddamn idiot :(

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