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OxygenThief - 2013-04-18

I thought the speed tag was because he was going to play really fast but then I remembered that with Lemmy, it always means the other kind of speed.

Old_Zircon - 2013-04-18

If you're not a Lemmy fan you've never really been alive.

Meerkat - 2013-04-18

His bass goes up to 11.

memedumpster - 2013-04-18

You need to take the commas out of the God Motorhead Lemmy Bass Speed tag.

joelkazoo - 2013-04-27

For You.

Squeamish - 2013-04-18

This man is everything we should strive to be.

gambol - 2013-04-18

who would win in a fight Lemmy or God

joelkazoo - 2013-04-19

Trick Question! Lemmy IS God!

unknown specimen - 2013-04-18

So people don't like Lemmy. Do they hate sex too?

Shoebox Joe - 2013-04-19

I don't like sex, but I like Lemmy.

Oktay - 2013-04-19

And yet, the full version of this didn't make it out of the hopper. Shame.

Syd Midnight - 2013-04-21

I remember him giving the most hilarious interview to Bass Player magazine back in the 90s, where he made it clear that he was a guitar player at heart, not a bass player. I still remember one quote.. "And what's with all this adding extra strings to your bass? Any higher and it sounds like a piano; any lower and you'll shit yourself!"

The tears in next months letter column, oh God the gallons and gallons of tears from artistes and jazz musicians who were personally offended when Lemmy said that bass players have a huge inferiority complex. The only issues of Bass Player I didn't regret buying were that one and one with a bass lesson from Cliff Williams of AC/DC. ("Play some quarter notes. That's it really." It even had tabulature).

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