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Sanest Man Alive - 2013-12-05

For the preload.

memedumpster - 2013-12-05


EvilHomer - 2013-12-05

OK, meme, that was good.

misterbuns - 2013-12-05

suggested tags: staged click bait, bullshit

strangewink - 2013-12-05

"suggested tags: staged click bait, bullshit". Oh fuck, you sure showed me! How dare I put a stupid, possibly fake video up on THIS site of all sites? I should really re-consider my life choices.

misterbuns - 2013-12-05


yogarfield - 2013-12-05

no L.A. beast here, please.

strangewink - 2013-12-05

Too late! Also, don't be upset now that other people found him and he's not your special honey-bear anymore! Can't a motherfucker find something and not know about it previously? Shit on ice.

yogarfield - 2013-12-05

you seem confused, so i'll elaborate:

oh good, another "look at me i'm eating hot peppers/chugging something WHOOAAA I'M HAVING A CRAZY REACTION! UH-OH! HOW DID THIS EVEN HAPPEN! BE SURE TO CLICK LIKE AN SUBSCRIBE! WHERE IS THE YOO-HOO?! HAHAHA OW I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! [cue fake barfing, a la stevo]."

this dude pays for views, and has millions at that. he is nobody's special honeybear. i'm not mad though. we should go make some planking videos gangnam style together. w00t.

strangewink - 2013-12-09

Man oh man. I just thought from my oh I don't know, years of viewing, commenting and submitting on videos on this site that i may have perceived the point of the site correctly. So, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this a site for ALL videos that are fucking abominations in the face of good taste and actual humor? Such as, videos of idiots being idiots for whatever sake (clicks, barfing, etc.). Who fucking cares? Sometimes something is entertaining and or irritating for whatever reason, just because it isn't some guy whining about video games (like 60% of the submissions that get greenlit) or a WORLDSTAR branded video doesn't mean people don't want to fucking see it. Also, seven votes so it's all fucking moot anyway.

yogarfield - 2013-12-09

i only sort of read that because i'm busy watching the friends season 10 finale. maybe i should submit that? maybe some epic rap battles? strongbad?

Adham Nu'man - 2013-12-05

The loneliest bro in the world

poopy - 2013-12-05

I love LA Beast for that reason, his self-loathing is overwhelming.

Dr Robot - 2013-12-08

How did this get through the hopper? I better go put in some time

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