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Oscar Wildcat - 2014-07-24

How ever shall we hold back The Australian Menace!

ashtar. - 2014-07-24

Foreigners may not know what American freedom is, but they do Want To Know What American Freedom Is (they want you to show them)

spikestoyiu - 2014-07-24

Which one is Gmork?

memedumpster - 2014-07-24

By not nuking Texas, the Soviet Union dealt a potentially fatal blow to the United States during the cold war.

I fear that China too intends to not nuke Texas, sealing our doom as a nation.

I've also heard rumors that North Korea is developing a Not Nuke Texas program to aid our enemies against us.

One day our allies will be calling for the not nuking of Texas in the streets, and we may as well cash in and go home on that day, America, because we're doomed.

Texas Not Nuked, Never Forget.

ashtar. - 2014-07-24

Maybe if we elect another darkie we can trick them into seceding.

exy - 2014-07-24

Make sure you include every version of every speech.

Bonus proselytizing about dressing to avoid rape & hell begins a little before 9:00.

oddeye - 2014-07-25

Everything is sexualized which is why daughters are getting raped these days and not in the good old days.

kingarthur - 2014-07-24

I lived in Dallas in the mid-90s and man, the weirdest yet most banal and mean spirited shit goes on there. I kinda miss it.

Oscar Wildcat - 2014-07-24

It looks to be quite the freak show. Tell us about the other performers and crap artists.

Old_Zircon - 2014-07-25

I've only spent a little time in Texas, but last time I was there I randomly happened on an appearance by Miss Teen Texas in the Brenham town square and it was one of the creepier things I've seen. The main issue was that her manager was her father, and he was also hosting the whole thing and spent most of the time talking about how good looking his daughter was and how she was currently single and available, while she stood on the stage in a prom dress and didn't do anything. Austin seemed OK though.

All I really know about Dallas is that at the airport, instead of a printed list of things that aren't allowed in the terminal/on planes, they have a big glass case full of chainsaws and guns and gas cans and knives.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2014-07-24

While Justin Carter awaits trial for issuing terroristic threats, this is what the law-abiding Texans are doing.

The Mothership - 2014-07-24

A foreighnerist president!

Jet Bin Fever - 2014-07-27

"foreigner" is a euphemism for black, of course.

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