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infinite zest - 2014-09-26

Weird. It's like a combination of Richard Cheese and Capitol Steps. I believe that Mr. Trumpet Skull and Dancing Baby from Alley McBeal were created by the same person, as I saw them popping up on geocities and angelfire websites around the same time, often together. I don't know how to confirm this.

Old_Zircon - 2014-09-26

The picture was, of course, not part of the original disc.

I don't know how to confirm the skull trumpet thing but I do know the Dancing Baby was a demo animation for the first release of Character Studio for 3d Studio Max 1.0, and since I just coincidentally happened to have dug up a huge stack of late 90s CD-Rs of pirated software last week I can check and see if the copy of Character Studio 1 on there included the extras and if it does I'll look for skull trumpet. My gut feeling is that it isn't the same guy, though.

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2014-09-26

The Capitol Steps need to be shot into the sun. They're the Victoria Jackson of political satire, not because they're extremist nuts but because they make you want to stick ice picks in your ears.

Old_Zircon - 2014-09-26

I'd like to go on record as also really, really disliking the Capitol Steps. I mean, I dislike them so much I almost like them because of it.

infinite zest - 2014-09-26

Ice picks if you're lucky.

infinite zest - 2014-09-27

My parents have a fierce NPR habit, and every time I'm at the house it's something: Prairie Home Companion, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, Car Talk, and on SPECIAL OCCASIONS Capitol Steps. I love you guys but because I doubt you're on poeTV, none of that shit is fucking funny. Ever.

Old_Zircon - 2014-09-27

Car Talk was entertaining, last time I heard it they had a caller whose father had asked to have his ashes mixed with gasoline and then used to drive his car down his favorite back road, and the son wanted to know if the ashes were going to make the car break down and need to get towed out.

Other than that the only thing on NPR I can stand to listen to is the syndicated BBC stuff.

Garrison Keillor is like carrot top for people who are the real life Fox News liberal stereotype.

infinite zest - 2014-09-27

Yeah I actually caught a pretty interesting Car Talk the other week. I mentioned something on facebook that it'd be funny if someone prank called in and by the end of the conversation, it was clear that the problem was that they didn't have a car in the first place. In this case, it was this kid who, a lot like me, was questioning getting his license at 25. I was about that age too. I just never needed one, knew someone else who had one, etc. and instead of telling the kid to fuck off ("this is a show about your car, damnit not the questioning of the importance of driving") they went off on public transportation. For like 20 minutes. To summarize, they both see the car as this personal temple, and it's something you can't get on busses or trains, where, well we've all ridden the bus. They were half-riffing, but they made a good point: if public transportation was a little more social (for example, have a train with a DJ in it) it'd be a lot more fun than the antisocial social experience of using public (or private) transportation. And if nothing else, it could give jobs to otherwise unemployed street musicians. It was a very whimsical, it'llneverwork idea they had, but they were talking about the importance of cutting back our carbon footprint on a show that talks about one of the main things that causes it.

cognitivedissonance - 2014-09-27

Garrison Keillor is one of the easiest impressions one can learn. It's like Richard Nixon having had a stroke.

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2014-09-27

The only time our NPR station plays the Capitol Steps is on holidays when other shows aren't available.

If they really wanted to make good use of them, they'd threaten to play them more often if they didn't get enough pledge money from listeners.

baleen - 2014-09-26

This is pure songpoem. What a find!

Old_Zircon - 2014-09-26

It reminds me of a private press 45 from the mid 80s I found a long tim ago that has an unironic song about how Lowell, MA is one of the greatest places on earth, with a song on the B side called "Just Like a Woman" that has nothing to d with the Dylan song of the same name and everything to do with good old fashioned casual misogyny.

The style is very similar.

theSnake - 2014-09-26

its good we finally went to iraq and got all those wmds

kamlem - 2014-09-27

This reminds me of Frontlines Friday night funnyman, Elliot Rhodes. Frontline was a mid 90s Australian satire show brilliantly skewering current affair TV, which is sadly all too relevant even today. The link is to the episode in which they try to get our hero fired.


Old_Zircon - 2014-09-27

This is pretty great, thanks for sharing it!

infinite zest - 2014-09-27

Hahaha I haven't thought about Frontline in years. Family reunions were always in Canberra, Australia, or Rio, Wisconsin (one sounds like more fun. It's not) and people would watch it down there when I was a kid. I didn't get a single joke. So when people talked about PBS' Frontline I always thought they were talking about this.

Old_Zircon - 2014-09-27

The first thing I thought of, actually, was John Valby (aka Dr. Dirty) who unfortunately started doing political novelty songs when we went in to Iraq; they're pretty much this except with talent.

Old_Zircon - 2014-09-27

Dr. Dirty needs to do more of this:

and less of this:

bongoprophet - 2014-09-27

Well this reminds ME of the Atomic Platters collection of 50's era atomic bomb songs, which I heartily recommend.

Old_Zircon - 2014-09-27

I bet that's great, I've picked up mp3's of some of those songs here and there an they're all fantastic. That and any rockabilly songs about the space race.

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