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The Mothership - 2015-11-02

I've said it before here, but this whole album is full of winners. Friends, you should buy this album.

The Mothership - 2015-11-02

Also the kids are calling it 'synthwave'.

Old_Zircon - 2015-11-03

Also I've come to realize that Legowelt was already doing it (usually better) for over a decade before it became A Thing, but I still like it.

Old_Zircon - 2015-11-03

(a little more carpenter and a little less Outrun, though).

For example, this is from 2000:


Old_Zircon - 2015-11-03

(also I'm comparing it to synthwave/outrun in general, not this track which is more like pastiche of 80s anime soundtrack music than anything I've heard called Synthwave, but for whatever reason I haven't been paying so much attention to current synth music since I got into building the synths).

StanleyPain - 2015-11-03

Legowelt is fucking amazing. Been listening to that guy for a long time.

One of the few modern artists who just does a lot of classic electro/minimal wave stuff without it seeming like any sort of homage or anything like that. He just does his thing.

Aelric - 2015-11-03




Fuck what the kids call it. I like this name better. It's stupider, thus better.

infinite zest - 2015-11-03

My first thought is it sounds like whatever m83 were doing 10 years ago; that might have to do with "we own the sky" being in both songs too. But then m83 kinda started to suck and I like this more anyway.

EvilHomer - 2015-11-03

Are kids actually listening to this? I was under the impression that the target audience for this sort of stuff was thirty-something year old hipsters.

I ask because, as a thirty-something year old hipster myself, I'd be interested in listening to this newfangled synthretrolegowave music, but not if it means hanging out with highschool kids.

Doc Victor - 2015-11-03

Homer, contrary to popular movies like "It Follows" and "The Guest", teenage girls do not listen to this music, it's listener base is compromised almost entirely of socially awkward 30-year old men.

infinite zest - 2015-11-02

Yay thanks! I've sort of worn out my Lightning Dust and Glass Candy. :D

infinite zest - 2015-11-02

Also I'd just like to take a second to thank everyone on poeTV for introducing me to so much good new music. If it wasn't for you guys I'd still be listening to The Fall and Pavement and The Replacements, but searching for new stuff on Pitchfork or Old Kentucky Blog, which is kinda lame. Yay poesters! :)

infinite zest - 2015-11-03

(not that I don't like the aforementioned bands anymore, but it's just really refreshing to find

Jimmy Labatt - 2015-11-03

Great tune and video; I was just listening to it the other day. If you're interested, the video footage was from a longer feature called Paths Of Hate, which can be found here:


Aelric - 2015-11-03

This video beats the soundtrack for the original film by a country mile.

Kabbage - 2015-11-03

Paths of Hate was one of my all-time favorite short films. Don't really feel like the soundtrack does anything but take away from that fucking awesome original.

Song itself is good though.

Aelric - 2015-11-03

So, this album has been on loop for the past week, it's great walking around music. I got into this stuff a few months ago, I believe from the Tech Noir video being posted here (look that one up to, that song is dope as fuck.)

I'd also looking up the Hotline Miami soundtrack, which is a pretty good who's who of similar stuff, but Gunship is the most purely 80's synthy stuff I've heard while others are more a blend of old and new.

I actually have gotten pretty sick of 80's nostalgia at this point, and yet this shit is still great to me.

EvilHomer - 2015-11-03

Don't get me wrong here, I love Sturmovik and I love Borderlands, but both those planes were firing full-blast for, like, two minutes straight! Yeah, OK, ammo consumption becomes a critical plot point *later*, but that's just lampshading the real issue: the amount of shooting these pilots are doing would not have been possible in a Spitfire or an Me-109.

Two Jar Slave - 2015-11-03

It's ok.

Chancho - 2015-11-04

I played Gunship on the C64.

This is ok. I prefer the Zoids soundtrack that was ripped off from that guy.

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