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infinite zest - 2016-01-02

It's true, the more monitors you have, the better hacker you are.

Meerkat - 2016-01-02

I used to have multiple monitors so I could have my email open on one and my development IDE open on the other while using a separate machine to surf porn and participate in conference calls with the other members of my shadow government cabal.

infinite zest - 2016-01-02

But could you make a cube spin? That's ultimate hacking.

Meerkat - 2016-01-02

Of course, that was on the entrance exam to the global shadow government cabal.

We don't just let in ANY old fuckers you know.

Oscar Wildcat - 2016-01-02

I don't understand this. Jackman seems entirely normal in stature.

BHWW - 2016-01-02

It's of the utmost importance that your multiple monitors be mounted on poles. What, you only have two or three monitors? Go home, n00b.

TheOtherCapnS - 2016-01-02

I know most of you aren't very tech-savvy, so let me give a little background on what is going on here. When he first starts out, he is making some good progress with the tech thingers that are necessary for a hack of the difficulty and magnitude of the one he's attempting.

But even though everything seems to be going well, he runs into a problem, probably with a firewall or an algorithm or something of that nature. He's stumped. He's not sure he's going to be able to hack, and he takes a break, when suddenly it dawns on him what he needs to do. He appears to be rerouting a buffer, or it might be something else altogether (that's just an educated guess, because it's what I would have done).

It works! By the end he's hacked. Within the film there are a number of implications of this, and he feels more than a little conflicted about this. I didn't have time to watch the very end of the scene, but usually once you've hacked like that, you're done once you just make a few code mods (short for modifications).

Binro the Heretic - 2016-01-02

I can't remember which book it was, but I read a hilarious "hacking" scene in one novel where a company had to hack into its own security system.

One of the IT guys said he could do it, for a price, and they agreed to his terms. He opened a few windows and had things running in them that essentially just showed streams of data. One of them was literally just an old graphics card demo showing shifting geometric shapes.

He then sent the boss over to a second terminal, had him launch a task manager and read aloud the names of apps running in the background. This was just to distract the boss long enough for him to exploit a back door, slip in a CD-ROM full of hacking utilities and get access to the system.

Jimmy Labatt - 2016-01-02

We need a 'HACKTING!' tag stat

StanleyPain - 2016-01-02

Why didn't he just use C++ to create a GUI that accesses the DOS prompt?

oddeye - 2016-01-02

He made the visual interface in basic, duh.

That guy - 2016-01-02

I could swear this was already here??

oddeye - 2016-01-02

It was

Old_Zircon - 2016-01-03

It was?

That guy - 2016-01-03


Kabbage - 2016-01-02

The creators of this movie actually contacted my dad's company for ideas on how to convey what hacking would look like. They then proceeded to take the very very basic ideas of what they suggested, then put it into a hilarious 3D rotating cube to better "visualize to the audience" what he was doing.

exy - 2016-01-03


[cue dancing]


[no footage of him doing the worm?!]

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2016-01-03

I love that Mr. Robot made fun of scenes exactly like this.

ashtar. - 2016-01-03

50,000 watts of fucking.

Bootymarch - 2016-01-03

I used to think acid jazz was like 60s 70s miles davis

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