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chumbucket - 2017-02-03

Lo lo insulin levels

The Mothership - 2017-02-03

Better than mamma's chicken? Dem's fightin' words, yo.

Xenocide - 2017-02-03


infinite zest - 2017-02-03

Glad to know that MC Pee Pants is still getting work.

cognitivedissonance - 2017-02-03

I would eat here.

infinite zest - 2017-02-03

If Taco Bell began selling burgers, would you eat those too? Have you no shame?

SolRo - 2017-02-03

taco bell patrons are notoriously selective.

SolRo - 2017-02-03

I didn't know phoenix and scottsdale AZ had a 'hood'. assumed it was just a bunch of white people buying cheap houses in the middle of the desert.

Crab Mentality - 2017-02-04

They just opened one of these in a super rich white area near me.

cognitivedissonance - 2017-02-04

Are salmon croquettes Soul Food?

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