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Artist:Geeshie Wiley
Desc:My ego is authentic and unstoppable, seriously
Category:Music Videos, Misc/Unknown
Tags:serious, gelmania, ill bet you think this song is about you, buy all you losers drinks
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Gmork - 2017-02-08

Your ego is gigantic and unwarranted.

Waugh - 2017-02-08

[nobody explain this to him he has to work it out himself]

Gmork - 2017-02-08

Nothing to explain. You must be retarded to think I don't understand your incredibly juvenile description.

Waugh - 2017-02-08

so tell the class what you've learned maggot i'll give you a fair shot and quit if you happen to nail it

Gmork - 2017-02-09

You must have me confused with someone who gives a shit about your next move other than to ridicule it.

Waugh - 2017-02-10

you'll understand someday.
not really.

Gmork - 2017-02-10

oh, I already understand. don't flatter yourself

it's just not funny, true or relevant

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