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Anaxagoras - 2017-05-26

I..... I can't. Not these people. I know they're mentally ill, so I should be compassionate, but they're too similar to right-wing self-important tea party assholes for me to have compassion.

exy - 2017-05-29

Isn't it just already mentally ill people (paranoid I reckon) reinforcing each others' delusions thru the miracle of the Internet? Admittedly, mentally ill people can be annoying.

It's actually kinda similar to propaganda, maybe. The kind of propaganda that makes Trump popular with some people is created by one group, the producers, for another group, the consumers. In contrast this group delusion is like propaganda created and consumed by the same group. (Eh, ok.)

jangbones - 2017-05-26

We're obviously all gang stalkers here...who is your target?

TheyUsedDarkForces - 2017-05-27

I actually make my nut by removing calcium deposits and little floating bone chips from their bodies, and claiming they were transmitters/receivers. While we're in there, we install some moving skeletal implants. Can never have too many!

Sometimes I go out drinking with the direct harassment teams. When I get a mean heat on and feel like screaming into the void, they always make sure I get a turn on the ol' Voice2skull. Also, you should see them squirm around in their space blankets when we turn up the microwave weapons.

Born in the RSR - 2017-05-27

Do they ever explain why voice to skull is abbreviated V2K and not V2S?

Louddetective - 2017-06-03

I'm pretty sure I originally heard about gangstalking through POETV, and it's always wild to me how nearly identical this manifestation of paranoid schizophrenia is to James Tilly Matthews and his hallucinations about the Air Loom Gang.

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