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Bort - 2017-09-07

Every now and again I revisit some of the politically-oriented videos from the Obama years, and I notice how much bitching people did about a genuinely good president. Some of you worked very hard to foster anger over everything Obama and the Democrats tried to do.

Well congratulations, you got the Trump you deserve. May he cause you at least a little bit of suffering, because Lord knows he's working to cause a LOT of suffering to people who don't deserve him.

Hazelnut - 2017-09-07

Come on, Senator Clinton, shouldn't you be focusing on your book tour?

il fiore bel - 2017-09-07

GOD, Bort, don't you GET it? At least Trump can walk and rub two words together at the same time! Obama sat on his ass doing NOTHING while KATRINA MURDERED NEW ORLEANS in the FACE! THANKS OBAMA!

Hooker - 2017-09-07

Do you even care about being taken seriously, Bort?

Bort - 2017-09-07

Oh that's right Hooker, I keep forgetting, VERY SMART PEOPLE like you recommend voting third party. Vote for Jill Stein, she'll save us from vaccines and wi-fi cancer!

Nominal - 2017-09-07

Nah, it really is embarrassing revisiting the comments on old Obama videos. A ton of people here really would rather see everything collapse and let the country burn just so they can say, "Told you so!" rather than get a Democratic president who only fulfills 75% of what they want (in the face of the most obstructionist congress in history).

The wannabe John Galts of the left.

memedumpster - 2017-09-07

Why revisit old videos when new videos come along constantly to remind us all that Clinton fans will never, ever, stop running over victims with their politics bus while there are Deathrace 2020 points to be scored. They will never stop exonerating Obama for his bullshit, even though it makes them look like Reaganite Republicans. Obama should be disappointed that his biggest proponents are purists who think either he was Perfect Jesus Voltron or people are lying. It's possible he was dogshit to some people and good to others, like every president.

The left has a serious image problem, whenever a lefty speaks it's now a campaign ad for Republicans. The lack of any signs of moving on beyond Manichean tribalism does not bode well for the Party. We're still beating the Republicans at their own game, the game of costing yourself elections.

Voting third party isn't the problem any more than jumping out the tower windows to choose a falling death over a burning death was the problem on 9-11.

Partisans never have a bigger picture beyond Thunderdome, and what makes them angriest is the refusal to play.

Nominal - 2017-09-07

You're the person who honest to god said that Trump is better than Obama. There is nothing constructive to be discussed beyond completely disregarding your opinions.

Bort - 2017-09-07

"Partisans never have a bigger picture beyond Thunderdome, and what makes them angriest is the refusal to play."

Wow, your detachment and cynicism is intriguing. Hey guy, you're trying so hard to see through everything, you end up seeing nothing. Blind cynicism, like blind faith, fails because it is blind.

Look, the Democrats / Obama / Hillary are at least trying to do something about climate change. The Republicans are not, and lord knows Trump isn't taking climate change seriously. Can I cite this planet's ability to sustain life as we know it, as a sufficiently meaningful distinction between the two parties? (Cue a spasm of "well what about that time when Obama was imperfect on climate change issues" as if that invalidates the point.)

Simillion - 2017-09-07

The idea that dems deserve condemnation for having a bad image is accurate only because Americans are such uneducated mean spirited shitholes that the compassionate dems will never appeal to. I think the best approach, as Bort has done, is to shame the shit out of you stupid fucking trump supporters. The dems aren't at fault for being educated and thoughtful. The trumpists need to know that they fucked up our country and never do that shit again.

Nominal - 2017-09-07

Now imagine the shit show that's going to happen after the Dems lose more senate seats in 2018 (and they will).

"But that will teach Democrats a lesson to cater to me more! Only after the corrupt system completely collapses can the TRUE revolution start and break away from the binary two party system that I'm way too alternative for!"

*Neo flies out of the voting booth*

Bisekrankas - 2017-09-07

So 'Trump is a better President than Obama was' is actually a thing here?

15th - 2017-09-07

God, you are a boring fuck.

Nominal - 2017-09-07

Yes it is, Bisekrankas. There were and still are people who thought President Hillary Clinton would guarantee WWIII.

matlock - 2017-09-07

Not like I have my finger on the pulse of the poetv user base, but I didn't know there were regulars here that are actual trump supporters. Perhaps people posing as them, but no real ones...?

Dems appear to be the lesser evil when it comes to progressive policies that put people before money, but they still seem a largely corrupt and ineffective lot with little genuine concern for their constituents.

Can we agree they're all terrible, forget Obama, and focus on tearing down Trump? I come here for the entertaining comments that let me know I'm not alone in my general disdain for the system, and I had high hopes when this vid hit the front page, but this shit ain't doing it.

jfcaron_ca - 2017-09-07

matlock, I'm guessing most poetv users are turned off by the aggressive political arguments (I am) and don't bother commenting on these kinds of videos, or maybe in general.

Honestly when I submitted this video I kinda expected a more violent Poe-News Waltz type argument. Maybe the louds are starting to get tired?


Old_Zircon - 2017-09-07

Every political argument here is like reliving the first time I saw Sweet Movie and it hit the Therapiekommune sequence.

And that goes double for the ones I participated in.

Bort - 2017-09-07

"Can we agree they're all terrible, forget Obama, and focus on tearing down Trump?"

Nope, because there are a lot of actual good Democrats out there, and taking the simpleton's lazy uninformed "both sides are the same, maaaaaan" cop-out just hurts the best and helps the worst.

Keep doing that and we keep getting more Trumps.

tesla_weapon - 2017-09-07

Yeah the political arguments are so *yawn*. I lurk and read them, and none of you say anything interesting or clever or insightful at all, which isn't surprising considering you're talking about politics which has never been interesting or clever or insightful. I like videos that are poe worthy, and time and again, I fail to see how this is poe worthy...

Spaceman Africa - 2017-09-08

hey bort how is Verrit so far

Nominal - 2017-09-08

I even think first past the post voting systems are dumb and should be replaced. But as long as we're stuck with them, then yes a third party only benefits the "binary" candidate more opposed to it and voting 3rd party does actively hurt that voter's self interest.

And not just that voter, but the entire country who's stuck with the final outcome. How many hundreds of thousands of people would be dead right now if this awful hip cynicism attitude had elected McCain in 2008? Is that really worth the smug satisfaction of quoting a Simpsons Halloween episode?

Nominal - 2017-09-08

And voting 3rd party is certainly nothing at all like jumping out of the flaming twin towers. Holy shit someone actually wrote that. I didn't just imagine it before dozing off.

chumbucket - 2017-09-08

7 Votes through the system and you get to be President for about a week. There, fixed.

Bort - 2017-09-08

"Is that really worth the smug satisfaction of quoting a Simpsons Halloween episode?"

Apparently so, because the expectation is that the Republicans will hurt those other people. And if you yourself get hurt, well, that's the fault of the Democrats for not stopping the Republicans, which just proves the Democrats weren't supporting in the first place.

It's the job of VOTERS to put the best people in office, not to sit home or vote for joke candidates (and Jill Stein definitely qualifies).

Nominal - 2018-09-07

Revisiting the stupid in these comments kills any hope I have of the 2018 midterm elections in 2 months.

I had totally forgotten about the "voting democrat is like jumping out of the twin towers instead of burning to death" stupidity. The future of America depends on people who would actually think that.

Meerkat - 2017-09-07

So many sycophants, so little time.

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