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cognitivedissonance - 2017-09-18

Five big stars, red as the Internationale.

TheyUsedDarkForces - 2017-09-18

Woke up, rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, loaded up some Skrewdriver and then initiated the coffee process. Sat by the kitchen window, briefly considered his pleasantly warm Garfield-as-Goebbles coffee mug, thought about the day ahead of him and weighed various wardrobe options, all of which included a leather jacket.

"Today seems like a good day to wear my armband. Thanks (((eBay.))) All I have to do is go to the army surplus store for boot laces and pick up some quinoa at New Seasons. Maybe I'll have Der Wienerschnitzel for lunch and I can pretend like I'm in Munich in 1940. Ah, weekends... What a fine, bright day to be a white man."

cognitivedissonance - 2017-09-18

Der Wienershnitzl does not have any franchises in Seattle, so maybe Chik-Fil-A?

Born in the RSR - 2017-09-18

Immer mitten in die Fresse rein!

infinite zest - 2017-09-18

Wie wäre es mit einem schönen Hawaiianischen Punsch?

William Burns - 2017-09-18

Not to early for another Punching Nazis Week!

SolRo - 2017-09-18

Just woke up, checked poetv and this is at the top.

It's going to be a good day.

SolRo - 2017-09-18

It's been a great day.

To cap it off I found the story and turns out there will be no investigation because the Nazi tucked tail and went home when police showed up

http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/seattle-police-respon d-to-viral-video-of-man-wearing-swastika-getting-punched/

infinite zest - 2017-09-19

Also .fFrom what I understand the Punchy Heroes just followed this fuck on Twitter, probably just minutes from when the police themselves were dispatched. Nazis are not safe especially in the PNW.

SolRo - 2017-09-19

Some tech sites are trying to play that up but it's a lot more likely he just pissed off the wrong person while doing his Nazi LARP

Sivak - 2017-09-18

The punch-slut was asking for it, going out dressed like that.

SolRo - 2017-09-18

He was looking for a good fisting, just not to the face.

Maggot Brain - 2017-09-18

Annnnnnd it's GONE

SolRo - 2017-09-18

Nazi snowflakes must have flooded google with reports

StanleyPain - 2017-09-18

This guy was apparently racially taunting this dude on a bus earlier and he got help from people on social media to track him down to punch him.


Bootymarch - 2017-09-18

If his head bounced off the pavement just right and killed him like it almost did surely you would all change your tune. I don't feel bad for the runt but come on now. There are plenty of ways to get back at people that aren't traumatically injuring them.

cognitivedissonance - 2017-09-18

The Nazis are pretty annoyed they don't have a new Horst Wessel yet. They have their Blutfahne narrative ready to go, but they're all too cowardly to take the bullet themselves, so it has to wait for some provincial shmuck to take it. A martyr is what they need right now and the Left isn't obliging.

Sivak - 2017-09-18

Nazis go on nooses, Nuremberg Style.

SolRo - 2017-09-18

If he died wouldn't that just make him a Darwin Award winner?

infinite zest - 2017-09-18

I'd feel bad for the person who gets punished for murdering it, but not the Nazi itself.

Bootymarch - 2017-09-18

"A martyr is what they need right now and the Left isn't obliging."

The still at 0:03 would be the money shot, wouldn't it have been? The nazi holding his arm out in a defensive submissive gesture?

If he had died it's a fucking tragedy for everyone. Guy who punched him goes to jail for at least manslaughter, his life is ruined. The white supremacists become more incensed and hostile: at least one murder plot is concocted in direct response to it. People across the whole political spectrum are repulsed at the image of a second-degree murder that appears unprovoked.

SolRo - 2017-09-18

Oh yes the nazis only kill when provoked by the death of one of their own. I'm certain there is no recent evidence to the contrary.

Bootymarch - 2017-09-19

Cause that's what I sai, you clown.

jangbones - 2017-09-19

bootymarch, stop virtue signalling

Bootymarch - 2017-09-19

Only if we stop pretending that this is constructive.

CrimsonHyperSloth - 2017-09-18

No, probably not. Fuck that guy and everything he stands for.

When I was five I quickly learned talking shit and acting like the big kid on the block when you're not gets your ass kicked. He just got the same lesson.

Though, the fact he only got a concussion could be considered progress because 70 years ago we just shot Nazis without much thought.

CrimsonHyperSloth - 2017-09-18

Meant to be a reply to Bootymarch

M-DEEM - 2017-09-18

This is a cause for celebration. I'll make up some t-shirts. "Antifa: punching up to 2 nazis a year since 2017!"

And just the way you like em. black on black, gender neutral size xxxs or xxxl nothing in between made in socialist utopia china

Ugh - 2017-09-18

he did nazi that coming a hyenht hyenth

duck&cover - 2017-09-19

A good hard Reich to the face.

OxygenThief - 2017-09-18

Life is a lot like jazz. It's the Nazi faces you don't punch.

dairyqueenlatifah - 2017-09-18

Yeah man, violence against your fellow man for holding a worldview you don't like is so rad.

Simillion - 2017-09-18

Since when does "a different worldview" and "supportive of genocide" have equal weight?

Gmork - 2017-09-18

dql ladies and gents

Cena_mark - 2017-09-18

This Nazi fuck was trying to normalize his shit beliefs. We must not allow them to normalize their hate. This punch may not change his world view, but it sure as hell lets him know that society won't put up with his shit.

Binro the Heretic - 2017-09-18

The sad cold truth is violence is how progress gets made...for better or for worse.

Remember the episode of Star Trek where the rock alien wanted to understand the human concepts of "good" & "evil" so he made an Abraham Lincoln & Vulcan Lincoln and teamed them up with Kirk & Spock to fight against Starfleet William Calley, Ghengis Khan, Klingon Ghengis Khan & cavewoman Joseph Mengele?

In the end, the alien seems confused because he can't spot the difference between "good" & "Evil" because they both use the same methods & achieve the same ends. Kirk asks the alien what he offered the "evil" people if they won and the alien replied, "Power."

"And you offered me the lives of my crew." replied Kirk.

Wait, did I mention the alien forced Kirk & Spock to fight or he would kill everyone on the Enterprise?

giygusattack - 2017-09-18


glasseye - 2017-09-18

Genocide is not a legitimate political opinion.


Cena_mark - 2017-09-18

The only language Fascists understand is violence, so let's talk.

William Burns - 2017-09-18

All the poor guy did was repetedly advocate genocide publicly!

Binro the Heretic - 2017-09-18

Fuck to the yeah!

BHWW - 2017-09-18

:antifa attack random passersby, journalists, etc.:

"I'm not comfortable with the attempts at normalizing street violence because it can easily get out of control, no matter who is doing it, far left or far right and there are various consequences that those who advocate for it can't forse-"


"Well, the street violence between the SA and the KPV only seemed to help make the SA popular with people who had had enough of what was seen as the hooliganism from people associated with outfits like the German Communists, and indeed helped erode confidence in the German government in the run-up to the Nazis' rise to power. I don't think you can really say the street fighting helped in that situation-"


Binro the Heretic - 2017-09-18

We're giving the nazis what they crave: persecution & martyrdom.

jfcaron_ca - 2017-09-18

The only way to win against Nazis is to let them kill you.

Shanghai Tippytap - 2017-09-18

i think that it would be easier for society to question and deride the rise of wide-eyed naziism if there weren't a visible and aggressive counterprotest.

Sivak - 2017-09-18

We can skip to the part where we hang the Nazis, that's fine too.

Anaxagoras - 2017-09-19

Just because the street fighting didn't help in that instance doesn't mean that it isn't helpful in other circumstances. There are a lot of factors in play, and trying to make direct analogies between past events and current ones is always fraught and difficult.

I'm not saying you're wrong. Just that it's far from an open-and-shut case, regardless of what historical setting you cite.

And whether you're right or wrong, I gotta say: it sure is viscerally satisfying to watch one of those right-wing fuckers hit the floor.

Nikon - 2017-09-19

Steve Rogers (Captain America) is in favor of free expression of ideas and opinions. Please don't associate him with the antifa domestic terrorist movement. Cap even agreed with Shanghai Tippytap - the counterprotests give the things they protest free publicity.

"I agree that these neo-Nazis are a vile breed - but if we deny them their rights, where do we draw the line? Who decides which beliefs are acceptable and which aren't? A free society has to allow all ideas - both noble and ignoble - freedom of expression!"

“Don’t you realize that in your attack, you’ve attacked your own freedom as well? The freedom that guarantees all ideas — both noble and ignoble — the expression this is imperative if our society is to survive! Can’t you see that — in stooping to your enemy’s level — you’re being made over in his image — that you’re becoming the very thing you loathe?”

Captain America #275 by Joe DeMatteis and Mike Zeck

Bort - 2017-09-19

I'll let this review of Cap #275 do the heavy lifting:

http://www.supermegamonkey.net/chronocomic/entries/captain_ame rica_275-278.shtml


It's clear that DeMatteis' Captain America doesn't condone violence against Neo-Nazis. But DeMatteis goes so far with this depiction that (to me, anyway) it undermines the message. Cap is initially in denial about the danger of Neo-Nazi groups and (apparently) the existence of anti-Semitism at all until it hits him in the face in the most overt way possible at his workplace. And even then he finds a way to turn things into some "both sides do it" mush. Cap should have recognized that one side of this "debate" had a reason to be very angry and therefore might be blinded enough by that anger to become more violent than they ordinarily would. Whereas the other side is just scum. That seems like a reasonably safe, mainstream comic-approved message that still leaves Cap with a little moral backbone. I'm not saying Cap would think that civilians punching Nazis is ok, but from the version of him that i see here i'm not so sure i want to take his advice on any moral question. I mean if you can't take a stand against Nazis, forget it.

Nikon - 2017-09-19

>Cap should have recognized that one side of this "debate"
>had a reason to be very angry and therefore might be
>blinded enough by that anger to become more violent
>than they ordinarily would.

That's the soft bigotry of low expectations. Violent assault directed against other people because of their beliefs or speech, no matter how reprehensible, is not and will never be all right.

Gmork - 2017-09-19

Unless they believe in genocide.

memedumpster - 2017-09-20

Nazis died in WWII, except for the ones that helped build the technology you wont give up (because the oligarchy owns you as their cult-slaves), and the ones hunted down later for being Helen Hunt fans (you know what I mean, Jang, you know).

What you guys endorse punching is your mirror and you're simply failing the basic sentience test of recognizing your own reflections. You're as much nazis as they are, meaning you're not, just loud, stupid, and worshiping idealized violence that will never be manifest except in frightened fetish impulses. You do this in the name of your own dumb animal fear. Neolithic humans did not worship volcanoes and tornadoes with the same fear and trembling as Americans do any slight disturbance in their endocrine system triggered by their own dumb thoughts.

Your maladaptive magical thinking wont save you from yourself, just the rest of us from you.

Let me know when you guys want to discuss logistical socialism instead of pure derangement from reality which justifies your violence fetishes. You see, it's feasible, even for the Big Three Socialist Programs (Single Payer, Free K-PhD, UBI), and the money exists. Socialists are just standing in the way by marching stupidly in the opposite direction in its name. You'd rather have a war than a society and there's no reason at this time the regressive left shouldn't be put in the "will make sure at all cost progress never happens" box long with the entire right.

This is why we can't have nice things. You choose otherwise, constantly.

Nikon - 2017-09-21


Space Odin - 2017-09-22

I love how people clutch their pearls like punching someone is a fucking death sentence. Did your fucking parents wrap you in goddamn bubble wrap every day when you went to school? Did you ever get in a fucking fight once in your fucking life? I've been punched in my life, sometimes for really dumb shit that I should have known better than and sometimes because somebody else was a cunt and I was just a target. It sucks, but, well, except for the broken nose I got from a random meth head attack none of it resulted in anything even noticeable.

You throw on an armband that says "I VIEW A SIZABLE PORTION OF MY NATION'S POPULATION AS A POLITICAL AND SOCIAL ENEMY" and start harassing and threatening people you might get laid out by some dude who quite honestly isn't having it. How could he have avoided this? Well, see above.

Was the guy who punched him even "Antifa?" I saw a dude in a hoodie that was obviously not white, and, well, let's just say I can't imagine how a confrontation could have erupted there.

That corner is known for the following:

* Tons of commuters
* The most obvious drug dealers still operating in the city
* Nation of Islam dudes selling beanpies
* The fucking Black Israelites
* Random street violence in general (one time I saw a teenage girl throw another girl through a fucking car window in front of a handful of bike cops)
* The Church of Scientology building

I spent over 10 years of my life living in a place where I was the only white kid on the bus. Oddly, nobody ever physically fucked with me because of this. If I started yelling "White Power" and wore a KKK cross t-shirt, do you think I wouldn't have gone home in a fucking box? And if I did, do you think the general reaction to that would be:

A) Oh my god that's terrible, what about his free speech


B) "Wow, that white boy was a dumbass"

Choose one.

Space Odin - 2017-09-22

Er, anyway. To put this in a more civilized manner, if you're seeing this as "an act of thuggish political violence" instead of a "dumbass who wrote checks his ass couldn't cash" I personally think you have a very wrong take on this situation.

Divorced from all that, I actually agree with Meme's basic premise that solely focusing on culture wars isn't going to move our civilization forward, and we really need to keep economic and structural stuff in the narrative and in our roadmap.

I also think a lot of the high-volume SJW stuff is silly and annoying, but "silly and annoying" doesn't have a 100% equal ratio with "dudes who want a paramilitary-backed ethno-state" in terms of wrong action.

Aernaroth2 - 2017-09-18

Five stars because I think I saw a tooth go flying there!

RealmOne - 2017-09-18

The sheer idiocy is this guy wandering around the 3rd Avenue open drug market corridor. Technically the area is claimed by the Bloods/Piru but its neutral dealing ground. I wonder what would have happened if the Nation of Islam representatives were out that day handing out newspapers.

Space Odin - 2017-09-22

The NOI Beanpie guy is pretty chill. You and I both know that it's the Black Israelites that would make things happen.

MacGyver Style Bomb - 2017-09-18

Videos like this sure bring out the devil's advocates in force.

Cena_mark - 2017-09-19

And the Nazi defenders.

Anaxagoras - 2017-09-19

The people who punch fascists are the real fascists.

Get this gem and 100 more in my new book "101 False Equivalencies", available now in any quality bookstore.

OxygenThief - 2017-09-19

Won't someone please think of the Nazi children!

memedumpster - 2017-09-20

Hitler and Stalin called each other fascists too.

They both were.

Bort - 2017-09-20

Hitler called Stalin a fascist? Tits or GTFO.

jfcaron_ca - 2017-09-21

Erasing the distinction between Stalin and Hitler only helps those who wish to avoid being distinguished.

They were not both fascists. There are plenty of terms that would apply to both: totalitarian, dictators, responsible for millions of deaths, etc. But Stalin was not a fascist in the same sense as Hitler, in that the ideology and historical situation that led to the rise of Stalinism were radically different than those that led to the rise of the Third Reich.

jfcaron_ca - 2017-09-21

The definition of fascism isn't 100% rigid, but conflating the term with Stalinism is intellectually dishonest. Maybe you didn't know? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fascism#Definitions

Fascism as it happened historically in WW2 was a SUCCESSFUL implementation of that ideology. The Holocaust, the World War, everything, was pretty much according to plan. This is because the ideology behind the power was itself horrific. If you look at the behind-the-scenes logic, the propaganda, and the real-world behaviour, it's all consistent. The leaders of the world's most horrible atrocity (to date) were following the fascist ideology to its logical conclusion.

Stalinism as it happened in the Soviet Union was the FAILURE to implement an ideology (communism or socialism). Stalin himself saw a vulnerable power structure and took the reins for himself. If you look at the behind-the-scenes logic, the propaganda, and the real-world behaviour, it's totally fucked up. No one in power in the Soviet Union (from Stalin onwards) really seemed to believe in it, nor even the citizens after a point. The ideology was clearly a fantasy, and thus can't be blamed directly for the real-world outcomes (starving millions, political suppression, international terrorism, wars...)

bawbag - 2017-09-19


Chancho - 2017-09-19

I dunno, maybe he had some interesting political opinions and now we'll never hear them. You guys are really closed minded. I actually kind of feel sorry for you.

duck&cover - 2017-09-19

Youtube won't let me watch the Nazi knock-out, so that makes Youtube is pro-Nazi.

Faalcon puuuch!

Nominal - 2018-08-04

Boy was this ever a topic that brought out the stupids with no self awareness. "Violence is the only language they understand!" has been the rallying cry for every chickenhawk Republican war the last 20 years.

What's next, a book burning to show those nazis what for?

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