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mr666 - 2007-06-03

Wow....Those voices sure did suck. As a side note, who actually thought Doom had a rich enough backstory to make a comic book off of it?

What about the Danger - 2007-06-03

Wait. What?

bac - 2007-11-08

fun fact: There was a doom book, actually four of them and the last two came out before the third game was made. (the one between "hell on earth" and "final doom" I think it was called "thy flesh consumed)

I read the un-holy fuck out of them when I was a kid (first books I ever read that had swearing) although for the life of me I can't remember how they end, and yes they are God awful in just about every way imaginable.

Caminante Nocturno - 2007-06-03

That voice is... Entirely appropriate for how I imagined the writer of this comic.

TinManic - 2007-06-03

holy awesome batman! considering the narration of the story is supposed to be humourous then the voice is perfect. just right.

dr_rock - 2007-06-03


fluffy - 2007-06-03

It also perfectly sums up what most 13-year-old boys were thinking when they played that game.

Corman's Inferno - 2007-06-03

-5 stars for the voice, +5 Million for the DOOM comic. CHOOGA CHOOGA CHOOGA BONK

bopeton - 2007-06-03

This sounds like my mental narration of playing the actual game.

FABIO2 - 2007-06-03

A cheesy voice for a cheesy comic. What is wrong with you people?

Sudan no1 - 2007-06-03

The voice is passable, but they could have made it more visually engaging.
3 stars anyway for doom comic.

Merzbau - 2007-06-04


onemorepanic - 2007-06-04

Space marine livejournalin'.

Pandatronic - 2007-06-05

Nothing justifies 5-ing bad voices. Not even Doom music.

Spit Spingola - 2007-06-05

The doom comic is classic but this presentation sucks.

Old_Zircon - 2010-09-04

Lot of people missing the point entirely.

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