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exy - 2020-07-18

me watching this:

[interested face, "not bad!" expression]

[one eyebrow rises asymptotically]

[lips peel back from gritted teeth while cords of neck emerge]

[air escapes through pursed lips]

[i directly view my own brain]

...and that's just the first third of the way through

5 for tags

betamaxed - 2020-07-18

5 for the tags and this clearly being an ironic post. Content is pure awful and arguments against masks fail when you see, you know, any other country that utilized them and got the pandemic under control within their borders.

Chicken the Did - 2020-07-19

Clip of Cuomo making very logical argument about the lockdown.

Called a monster by narrator.

Cuomo nailed it. It's about 'we' and not 'I' and defective peckerwoods like the narrator can't see that. It's like they are blind to it. If you get the fucker you may be asymptomatic and you feel fine but your ass is now a Typhoid Mary bringing the shit to people it will have no problems killing. Again, you don't die but you ended up spreading it to 20 people and 3 of those people died. The other 17 go around doing what you did and then the math starts to get grim. This is why keeping people apart is so damned important to begin with! The perfect shitstorm of a 'clever' virus and a deeply flawed 'not clever' segment of humanity.

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