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Binro the Heretic - 2020-08-17

Does she do "Airwolf" too?


Leviathant - 2020-08-17

Back when we used cars and listened to NPR, I was startled when in the midst of some classical playlist, I heard the Knight Rider theme right at the start of what was later announced as "Marche Et Cortège De Bacchus" by Léo Delibes. If I remember correctly, there's another more modern track where the bassline arpeggio and drums are basically lifted wholesale from. Who knew making television theme songs was so easy?

betamaxed - 2020-08-17

5 stars for the leather clad gypsy cello player, but she needs to step it up and do Street Hawk.

Nominal - 2020-08-17

Mario 3!


Fox-Pixar Media - 2020-08-26

I told you to + VOTE UP , NOT VOTE DOWN

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