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Desc:Chucklewood Critters has another recreated scene
Category:Music Videos, Misc/Unknown
Tags:Chucklewood Critters
Submitted:Fox-Pixar Media
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Aernaroth2 - 2020-09-09

Fox-Pixar Media, I think *WE* better have a little talk.

I'm assuming you're somewhere on the autism spectrum, and I don't mean that as an insult, just a statement of how you come off on the site.

It looks like all you're able to do here/interested in doing is posting your videos, and it looks like you're now just using the music video part of the site (presumably because you don't have to worry about your videos being voted down here). You're also posting non-music videos, which this part of the site isn't meant for. Nobody's really watching them (though to be fair, nobody's really watching your videos on your channel either), and worse, it looks like you're actively annoying people by trying to use this site to drum up interest to your youtube channel. It makes the rest of us feel like you're just using the site for selfish purposes, instead of you wanting to be a member of the community and discuss and enjoy fun/weird videos with us like a person. It's rude to act like the rest of us don't matter, it makes the site boring to have nothing but your videos gumming up the front pages, and you're acting like you own this place, which you don't.

I don't know if you're going to get banned from the site if you keep going like this, but you definitely won't be popular and people are probably going to be meaner and meaner to you.

With regards to your singing, I'm sorry man, but I don't think you're ready to show off just yet. You're off-key, your timing is bad, and even adding a few props can't cover it up. If singing makes you feel good, keep singing, keep practicing (the voice is like any other muscle, so long as you don't strain it it gets better the more you use it), and there's lots of tutorials and guide online on how to sing and perform better. Keep doing what you love, but... if you're hoping to get famous, I don't think this is how it's going to happen. Your songs are the kinds of videos people post to laugh at and make fun of, and I don't want to do that to you.

Your claymation is pretty good, though! I actually watched this video (I don't watch basically any of your others, because a) you post too many and b) after watching one or two I'm not interested in watching others) and your synching with the mouths was well done! I don't think you'll get much of an audience making claymations of scenes from a cartoon that almost noone remembers, though. Maybe keep posting these in the video hopper, some might make it on to the poetv front page.

So that's basically my advice to you, if you want to stick around, keep voting on videos you like in the hopper (besides your own), keep participating in discussions (in ways that aren't direct links back to your videos or about how good your videos are), and talk with the rest of us like we're equals, not just people you want to watch your videos so you can get famous. Otherwise, please leave, I guess?

And if you're going to respond to this comment with just "why" or "but my video " please read my comment again.

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