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Ugh - 2020-10-06

neat, but doing this to season 1 is like inlaying gold leaf on a gold ingot

how about we spend our time building crutches and wheelchairs for season 2, or a time machine that will undo its birth and simply let it be until a good studio can undertake it

goddamn season 2 fucking bleh, four stars for making me mad about it again

Binro the Heretic - 2020-10-06

One, the artist who created "One-Punch Man" also created "Mob Psycho 100," another manga/anime that's all kinds of big stupid fun.

failure - 2020-10-06

this makes everything look like shitty flash animations

SolRo - 2020-10-06

It's some dude on the internet applying AI algorithms to a clip of animation he likes. I believe that actual industry professionals could produce significantly better results.

ashtar. - 2020-10-06

Mostly no point watching anime rather than reading manga anymore; it's just a series of stills. This is neat.

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