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godot - 2020-10-22

Fincher is aping Hitchcock and Welles himself here.

The hard contrast digital B&W of TP ep 8 is not exactly new with Lynch.

godot - 2020-10-22

Kinda cool that its credited to Fincher's father, who died in 2003...

Two Jar Slave - 2020-10-22

I'm so confused. Which American auteur named David directed this movie?

Nominal - 2020-10-23

Loved his stuff up to Mulholland Drive. Dude hasn't produced a single watchable thing since though.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2020-10-23

U got me super pumped for another *normal* David lynch film. My favourite films of his: Elephant man, straight story, Ed Wood..

I love Fincher too, but it was bit of a let down.
Why'd u play us like that?

Two Jar Slave - 2020-10-23

Wasn't Ed Wood directed by the Nightmare Before Christmas guy, Henry Selick?

Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2020-10-23

Oh yeah lol... just forget I put that there. Just going senile.

Old_Zircon - 2020-10-24

My favorite David Lynch is True Stories.

exy - 2020-10-23

I couldn't shake the feeling that I was watching a trailer for a Coen brothers movie, and I couldn't understand why they were remixing Barton Fink. Anyway, I also couldn't tell whether this looks any good, so 5 for that.

decoy - 2020-10-24

Sure I could get into a little Velvet Fink, why not, I don't have to leave my couch for it, right?

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