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Lef - 2020-11-25

I'm so sorry

Hazelnut - 2020-11-25

This is dumb and I have no idea how it made it through the hopper.

Lef - 2020-11-25

There were already forty two steamed ham videos on this site.

Why does the forty third get people upset?

ashtar. - 2020-11-25

I can has steam hams?

Hazelnut - 2020-11-26

@Lef I don't think anyone's really upset. It's just fun to complain, like groaning at a pun.

Two Jar Slave - 2020-11-25

I suppose everyone needs a hobby.

Nominal - 2020-11-25

Steamed hams but it's only one ham and the ham is a star.

casualcollapse - 2020-11-26

Sounds like I unforgettable luncheon..

Sorry not sorry

duck&cover - 2020-11-25

Looks like that they put some real effort into it, at least.

ashtar. - 2020-11-26

I am a moderate centrist uniting the extreme one star people and the radical five star people. It is time to heal.

Hazelnut - 2020-11-26

Ah, NOW Crackersmack is okay with voting.

teethsalad - 2020-11-27


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