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Old_Zircon - 2021-01-08

More pertinent question is "would this video convince anyone who didn't figure this out already decades ago?"

I'm not optimistic it would.

jangbones - 2021-01-08

Useful question. I personally think every bit helps, at every stage of someone's intellectual development. And for a fully radicalized douche like me, I actually learned a tidbit from this video.

Binro the Heretic - 2021-01-08

No, but having accurate counter-arguments to their bullshit does shut them the fuck up.

glasseye - 2021-01-08

I mean, I used to be a liberal. Stuff like this set me right.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2021-01-08

Okay, I've never specifically questioned this massive cultural assumption before, and now I am questioning. Am I convinced? Not exactly. I'm not just going to surrender to a leftist Prager U video. But I've already watched it twice, and its given me a lot to think about. Thanks.

poorwill - 2021-01-09

i think a *lot* of people would tune out when he uncritically brings up china, and he doesn't show a lot of his working for his claims about increased government programs being the reason for a reduction in poverty. since the 80s much of the world was conquered by neoliberal policies - it's easy for true believers to point to that and claim that is the explanation.

ashtar. - 2021-01-09

Comrades, first we radicalize JHM. Then, the world!

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