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The Mothership - 2021-01-25

For awhile I lived in Monmouth, twin city to Independence, where this legislator / seditionist is from. I am not surprised at all by this man's behavior. There is Portland, and that is a nice town. And then there is the rest of Oregon, and the rest of Oregon (including Eugene) is the Deep South. Sorry, Eugene, you know it's true.

Whiter than white folks in Oregon are sooooo threatened by what is going on ever since BLM started, and that is a good thing. They should be.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2021-01-26

The good news is that the Republican Party is in a death spiral. The bad news is that they may take us all down with them.

Demographic and social trends promise to take the Republicans deeper and deeper into the minority, and if the minority party wants to hold on to power, mere democracy won't cut the mustard. They must turn to gerrymandering, voter suppression, and a whole industry of right-wing propaganda, and now we have a presidential candidate just making up reasons why he didn't lose, even though he doesn't appear to be interested in the job. Half of the party followed him into fantasyland because it was basically what they had been doing all along, just taken a little farther, but it took them over a big line.

Since January 6, Republicans have been officially leaving the party (by changing their registration) in the thousands. As the sane leave the GOP, what's left will be crazier and angrier and nominate worse candidates. Death spiral.

Nominal - 2021-06-12

Update: Every single member of the assembly voted to remove him.


Nominal - 2021-06-12

Oh yeah, this is after a video surface of him from just days before telling a crowd of people all they had to do was text him and he'd open the back door for them.

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