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ashtar. - 2021-03-06

Thanks for making me feel racist.

jfcaron_ca - 2021-03-06

I think it's ok to feel a little bit racist laughing at this, but recognizing that it's not *necessarily* racist. The comedic elements really depend on beginner English and the strong assumption of a restaurant/client relationship. In principle this could have been done with Italian restaurants for example, and everyone knows you can't be racist against Italians.

Gmork - 2021-03-07

I think it's okay that voices can be funny. I think a lot of voices from my own country speaking my own language are genuinely hilarious. I think if someone's intention is cruelty and mockery in a derisive and condescending manner rather than amusement it'll come through pretty clear.

I also don't think I would begrudge some lighthearted amusement at my awful french were I to visit and subject a local to it.

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