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The Mothership - 2021-04-20

I love how something in another country is unconstitutional.

casualcollapse - 2021-04-20

he is claiming this was in the U.S.

casualcollapse - 2021-04-20

from the comments:

Gavin, I know you mean well but take some advice from someone who has vast experience in dealing with this corruption. I have been in and out of Mexico many times over ghe last 10 years. Many times I have delt with this very scenario. That being said, I worked in special operations undercover for a military branch. Most of these tolls have very deep ties with the cartels. Not because of the dime and nickel fraud they make by taking the toll money. The main reason is to control the trafficking of their "merchandise". Its a Cartel vs Cartel thing. Seriously, I understand you want to be brave and teach your children right from wrong but you cant do that if you keep doing what you did in this video. Its your choice of course but I will give you this much advice. ...never, ever try and remove the mask, bandana, scarf, ect of the people confronting you at these stops. By doing so you are putting their family at risk by exposing who they are to competing cartels. Once they see your the "gringo" that poses a threat to the Cartels money and to their survival.... trust me friend, they WILL make you and your family a very public example of why you dont fuck with cartels. I have seen peoples heads dangling from posts on toll roads just because they refuse to stop. Your escalating to an entire new level by trying to expose the identity of those who are directly embedded with the cartels of Mexico. They will not think twice when it comes to you or your children. Women, children, families ect.... they have no concience or morals when it comes to killing. I am not trying to scare you, im trying to hopefully educate you. In America, sure...you might suffer unjust punishment for standing againt tolls ect... doing that in Mexico, your entire family could end up in a barrel of acid buried on a mountain side never to be heard from or seen again. Unlike in America, when you go missing in Mexico. ... they have no priority of finding out what happened to you because most of the law enforcement are paid by the people that put you in the barrels to start with. Simply put.... choose your battles carefully my friend. Trust me, I have seen bad things in Mexico. Nobody is immune fro the wrath of the Cartels.

Gmork - 2021-04-21

semen demons

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