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Two Jar Slave - 2021-09-12

People keep saying this site is nearly dead or already dead. But new videos appear here every day and there's often a healthy amount of chatter in the comments. I suppose my question is, isn't there room for mid- to small-sized sites in your internet use? Does everything need to be YouTube or gtfo? This is a boutique café, populated by discerning and insufferable hipsters, most of whom know and hate each other on sight. There are friendships, fads, fallouts and reconciliations. It is a better place for its relatively tiny population, not worse.

Gmork - 2021-09-13


themilkshark - 2021-09-13

This place does have the vibe of a tiny dive bar hidden on a tiny city street.

SolRo - 2021-09-13

I like that this place is not important enough for bots to spam ads or political propaganda in every video

glasseye - 2021-09-13

Spirit bulb (for the True Old Timers (TM) )

Hazelnut - 2021-09-15

Yeah, here you go

Miss Henson's 6th grade class - 2021-09-13

I seem to have an abiding love for internet sites that are slowly dying.

Aernaroth2 - 2021-09-13

Yeah! Gonna keep hanging out on a nearly dead video sharing site!

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