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John Holmes Motherfucker - 2022-01-12

WATERSHIP DOWN was a rough watch on Sunday, but after someone screened this on the Watch2Gether after-party, I was ready to murder some talking bunnies.

Nominal - 2022-01-12

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Nominal - 2022-01-12

Wait, is this still the official one and not an edited parody? I don't remember anything as blatant as 8:14.

This HAS to be parody

kensingtonGore - 2022-01-12

Look around you. This entire timeline is a parody.

Leviathant - 2022-01-12

I honestly thought this was one of those overlong collegehumor/adult swim skits, but people on Twitter who are more emotionally invested in this than I am have pointed out the backstory of the people in this video and they're all well known grifters.

I couldn't make it more than a couple of minutes in.

Leviathant - 2022-01-12

Oh man, this isn't even the extended cut - which does feature real people. In a longer video, just before they cut to this animation, someone unironically says "i highly recommend you go watch this, look at the quality of this 3d animation"

Anyway, as awful as this is, some dorky assholes are definitely going to get scammed out of the money their daddies gave them.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2022-01-13

Has anyone posted that cringe VR video that Mark Zuckerberg posted to promote the "metaverse"? May be funnier than this, Zuck you, Fuckerberg

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2022-01-13

Tim and Eric could do a live action version.

Jeriko-1 - 2022-01-13

I love how the future is the Bizarro World 'Ready Player One'

The captains of industry, tired of those mean ol' undeserving poors created a vast virtual sandbox where they can romp and grift and no one can make fun of them: World of Randcraft.

Here's to hoping the kids of tomorrow have much glee breaking into these 'gated virtual communities' and doing doughnuts on some tech Valley date rapist's cyber lawn.

SolRo - 2022-01-14

I think this is meant to be a real thing.

Nominal - 2022-01-16

I just now started reading Snow Crash for the first time.

My immediate thought was that Ready Player One was just "Stupid Snowcrash", on top of being written 20 years too late to be insightful in any way.

BiggerJ - 2022-01-13

They edited out the EXTREMELY gratifying final scene:

CONNIE: "See you all there..."

(The scene turns into a black-and-white drawing as we zoom out from a noteboard covered in drawings depicting scenes from the short film. Connie leans into shot.)

CONNIE: ...Can you see it?

(Cut to Christopher's stunned face. Zoom out to reveal Connie is now by his side.)

CHRISTOPHER: Who couldn't? It's magical...

CONNIE: Well, you are the first person I've shown it to.

Nominal - 2022-01-14


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