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ashtar. - 2022-01-25

Instead of throwing your coke bottle out in nature, the environmentally responsible thing to do is to pay to have it melted down and then a made into a new coke bottle.

GongWise - 2022-01-26

Do you know what percentage of plastic in any plastic bottle is reclaimable for the purposes of fashioning a new coke bottle? Less than 10%. And that's not even taking into account the energy required to harvest said plastic.

SolRo - 2022-01-26

The way to really curb use of plastic food containers;

Regulate a high minimum recycled content in all new plastic containers. That shit would start disappearing from shelves within months

ashtar. - 2022-01-26

We could just use glass and wash them and then put new coke in them. Much of the world already does this.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2022-01-25

I have an actually logical pro litter argument...
Most correctly disposed of plastic waste ends up in the ocean, or if you're lucky in a landfill somewhere, this is an environmental catastrophe but its out of sight of the public.
instead lets dump our waste into city streets, then the general public will begin to understand how much waste they are producing and be incentivised to produce less.
Also one could argue that much of the sprawl of the cities themselves is litter upon the natural landscape, so we're just putting all the litter in one place.

rural - 2022-01-25

I assumed that this was the argument here. Your reply is much more interesting than this video.

Crackersmack - 2022-01-25

really we should just keep it somewhere until we figure out how to get the petroleum back out of it

Two Jar Slave - 2022-01-25

Cracker, that would only deprive the sea life of the chance to beat us to that technology and become the century's under-the-sea oil barons.

jfcaron_ca - 2022-01-25

Just stop buying shit.

duck&cover - 2022-01-25

Agree with jfcaron, if you're opposed to all the packaging and other waste, try buying less of it, e.g., use cloth towels instead of paper.

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