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Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2022-06-20

I'm playing MW5 mercs atm.. I did not like it when it 1st came out, but giving it another chance now that it has had time for updates and fixes. I actually love it now. I was put off at 1st cus it plays *nothing* like the classic MW2 or MW2 mercs. It plays more like an arena shooter than a flight sim. But, instead of feeling like the classic games, it actually feels *exactly* like you are taking part in one of these classic game cinematics.

Sludge Vohaul - 2022-06-20

The MW2 soundtrack is the best video game music second only to Chaos Theory. I miss the days of being able to slap the video game CD in your stereo and flip over to track 2.

Nominal - 2022-06-23

The Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness expansion disc even had a hidden track at the end you would never get to hear normally in the game (I think?).

It had rapping Orcs!

Nominal - 2022-06-20

I haven't played MW2 since 1995, and I still have the entire Jade Falcon intro speech memorized.

exy - 2022-06-22

Oh, the memories.

"Bandits are hostile, repeat, bandits are..."

* computer crashes *

Neat joystick, though. Cool game, too, when my old compy let me play.

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