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The Mothership - 2022-09-28

Holy shit, that is what an asteroid looks like.

ashtar. - 2022-09-28

I'm team asteroid.

ashtar. - 2022-09-28

The polo shirts make them look like they all work at Best Buy. Either go full quasi-military real uniforms with polished shoes or just like biz-caz.

decoy - 2022-09-28

It's from their Faster Better Cheaper line

SolRo - 2022-09-28

Fuck you, moonlet.

decoy - 2022-09-28

"All these eggs are yours to inseminate, except for Europa. Make no attempts to shoot your load there..."

Cena_mark - 2022-09-28

-2 starts for the shitty frame rate. It's like watching someone play flight simulator on an Atari XE

Sludge Vohaul - 2022-09-28

We should have rammed a starlink.

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