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Meerkat - 2023-01-20


SolRo - 2023-01-21

Yes it does!

Private hire automated gondolas would keep the poor off and you’d literally get to ride above the riffraff.

I mean isn’t that the point off all this “mass transit but without having to share a space with poors” shit?

jfcaron_ca - 2023-01-21

For the specific university-on-a-mountain the guy mentions in the other video it would make sense. Diesel busses and even electric trains aren't great at recuperating all the gravitational potential energy on the way down, but a string of gondolas is great for that. You could make it even better by uploading a bunch of dead-weight in the evening (countered by a flow of humans down the hill) and downloading them in the morning. You could have done that with a gondola from 1920 and concrete blocks.

I agree they are somewhat of a fad right now in urban planning circles.

SolRo - 2023-01-21


It makes sense to build this shit to make college students walk less? Again, what?

badideasinaction - 2023-01-21

There are corner cases, just not the one the startup proposes, where this makes sense.

This came up a long time in Toronto as an alternate way to get people in large shared gondolas (i.e. none of this one person car shit) down the Don Valley, a protected area of land where gondola towers might be sufficiently low in footprint where they cannot expand the existing road or rail and will take pressure off our north-south corridors.

Also WhY DoN'T PeoPlE BiIIIIKE??!!??!?! Is ableism personified plus also a big sign this person hasn't thought of countries with four months of snow a year.

It is true this does not eliminate the need for cars, but it allows for fewer cars to have to enter the downtown core.

There was a later, much shittier one that was purely for tourist reasons, but the older original idea makes at least a modicum of sense.

Mister Yuck - 2023-01-21

Sufficient biking infrastructure can make year round biking possible, even in the snow. And every year that will be less and less of a problem...

But yeah, all the protected bike lanes in the world don't do shit if your legs don't work. Busses and trains people. And if you're a cyclist like me, busses and trains get cars off the road, which makes biking a whole lot nicer than any painted bike lane can do.

SolRo - 2023-01-21

The highest percentage of bike use on the planet is in central and northern European countries, so your snow whining kind of doesn’t work.

Bikes are complementary with public transportation. I need to go 20 miles somewhere I use a bike to get to public transportation and then a bike to my final destination.

jfcaron_ca - 2023-01-21

Finnish people (children and olds alike, as long as their legs work) ride in the winter all the time. Adult tricycles are a thing.

For the university he mentions, it's built on top of a mountain (stupid, but there it is), the rapid transit train is at the bottom, and it's forest (and a big oil tank farm under construction with heavy guard) in between. Walking up and down the mountain bike trails in the dark while it rains it's not a fun time, and neither is walking beside the road while diesel buses, heavy construction equipment, and truck bros rev their engines to get up there.

glasseye - 2023-01-22

A funicular will almost always work better than a gondola.

There are certain corner cases where gondolas do many sense, but they are rare.

duck&cover - 2023-01-21

Your city doesn't need gonorrhea.

Nominal - 2023-01-21

Today I learned that gondolas are another thing for hardcore bicyclists to get cunty about.

jfcaron_ca - 2023-01-23

We just hate cars really.

glasseye - 2023-01-22

Also, Seattle uses trolley buses (powered by overhead wires) on steep hills very effectively. Those going downhill do indeed use regenerative braking to put power back on the grid.

A funicular would be more efficient and better, obviously.

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