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Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2023-01-22

I'm happy this showed up, allowing me to learn about a weird foreign booze, since recently there was the Buckfast video allowing ye to learn about my local weird booze.

casualcollapse - 2023-01-22

Well I want to try this awful booze and also your awful booze

Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2023-01-22

I mean u may as well, YOLO!

The Mothership - 2023-01-22

Ask your server.

glasseye - 2023-01-22

Total wine here in MI carries it.

It's not good. It is extremely bitter, but the real thing that lets it down IMO is the shitty booze base. But I guess that's part of the charm, because... chicago?

casualcollapse - 2023-01-22

I shudder to ask if it mixes with anything

glasseye - 2023-01-22

Check out unemployed wine guy's malort mixology playlist.

It's a character and it's comedy, but it's fun.

casualcollapse - 2023-01-22

I did. Thank you, very funny

glasseye - 2023-01-29

You're welcome!

glasseye - 2023-01-22

Malort: because tonight's the night you fight your dad.

casualcollapse - 2023-01-22

I’m surprised this isn’t a tag already

Adjuvant - 2023-01-22

I’m in Chicago and I genuinely and unironically like Mallort. But it’s not for everyone and I don’t blame anyone for not liking it. It’s really not that bad, though.

SolRo - 2023-01-22

People like rotten shark meat so I can believe humans can convince themselves to enjoy most anything.

Juice Eggs McKenna - 2023-01-22

Malort. Because an invitation to a Swedish restaurant isn't a promise, it's a threat.

MacGyver Style Bomb - 2023-01-22

I was born in Chicago. I still have family there. But I never even heard of this until recently, let alone ever offered any. Guess my family was too dull and Northside for it.

Adjuvant - 2023-01-23

It seems to have got more of a life as a hipster bar thing where it's either used to ostentatiously burnish your Chicago bona fides or to torture the uninitiated or out-of-towners. Like I said, it's a strong flavor, but truly not that bad and even enjoyable in small doses. If you've ever had fernet before it's kind of on the same spectrum as that.

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