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Lef - 2023-03-08

Low hanging fruit.
Should have tried that with Muhammad for a real laugh.

yogarfield - 2023-03-08

low-hanging fruit tag fo sho

ashtar. - 2023-03-08

Check out his websites:

Also definitely check out his shirts:

A real relic of poe red days.

OxygenThief - 2023-03-08

I am not going to lie. This shirt honks:

https://www.atheistmessiah.com/shirts/wanted_for_mass_murder_5 0.jpg

jfcaron_ca - 2023-03-08

Reminds me of jesusishitler.com

https://web.archive.org/web/20040924011948/http://www.jesusish itler.com/

yogarfield - 2023-03-08

Oh man, his website is hilarious.

He's that type of evangelical atheist that makes everyone else look bad.

He has a page on his site where he quotes himself, and he considers these some of his best hits. Buckle in, because you're about to get some DEEP THOUGHTS.

"The future is real."

"It [Asperger's Syndrome] should be renamed to 'The Force.'"

"Being an atheist means not believing in any deities (goddesses or gods).["]

"The cosmos is omnipresent."

"Masturbation is safe and natural, and it's beneficial for both mental and physical health. It doesn't make sense to prohibit people from masturbating in private."

"Oppression anywhere is a threat to freedom everywhere." (He ripped off a well-known MLK quote, and just replaced "injustice" with "oppression".)

ashtar. - 2023-03-08

Also, you really need to see https://www.atheists.net/pages/naked.html

yogarfield - 2023-03-09

@ashy BAAAHAHAHA amazing

Nominal - 2023-03-08

Why is it that every time I go out on the street, someone's always trying to hand me a flier?

C'mon man, funk dat!

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