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SolRo - 2023-03-16

An immovable idiot meets unstoppable fascists.

Nominal - 2023-03-16

And nothing of value was lost.

Spike Jonez - 2023-03-16

Honestly surprised this hasn't happened sooner. Funny that the sovereign citizen thing died down around the BLM protests, though. Almost like most of them could tell that maybe if they weren't lucky, they'd end up like this guy.

Cena_mark - 2023-03-16

Despite the popularity of conspiracies, sovereign citizens never seemed to go very mainstream. I guess they just don't promote their beliefs as well as the anti-vax nutters.

Conspiracy rabbit holes have a way of destroying lives. I look back at King of the Hill and find it troubling how the Dale Gribbles of the US went from colorful oddballs to threats to themselves and society, and a lot more common. I feel like parents will need to start educating their children about the dangers of it.

poorwill - 2023-03-17

Maybe it's dying in the states, but you've infected other countries - quite a few popped up in anti-lockdown protests here in NZ over covid.

ashtar. - 2023-03-16

Even all the sovereign citizen stuff aside, what do you think the outcome of pulling a gun on several cops is going to be, best case? Is that going to be better than just getting a ticket for not registering your car?

ashtar. - 2023-03-16

You could just, like, not pay the ticket. People do that all the time.

Cena_mark - 2023-03-16

Holy shit. Three guys unload their clips in to the guy and then shout for him to put his hands up.

Cena_mark - 2023-03-16

Correction, it was 5 officers

glasseye - 2023-03-18

Pretty standard cop behavior.

Binro the Heretic - 2023-03-16

He was raised with this shit being stuffed into his head.

Cena_mark - 2023-03-16

Could be true. Dude was 25, so his folks may have been going to conspiracy websites since the time he was a young lad. I was listening to Alex Jones back in 03

Binro the Heretic - 2023-03-16

His parents are full-on sovereign citizens. His mother is suing the police claiming they had no jurisdiction over him.

ashtar. - 2023-03-17

She killed her son.

glasseye - 2023-03-18

Yeah, I'm not gonna blame the victim here. This was very dumb, and that sovereign citizen stuff is bonkers, but you always need to expect the cops to be incredibly violent. They will murder you at the drop of a hat.

There is no reforming this.

Defund, disarm, abolish.

ashtar. - 2023-03-19

They didn't shoot him for being dumb, they shot him for pulling a gun on them. That's when you'd want cops to use deadly force.

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