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revdrew - 2007-07-03

This.. actually existed? -5 stars for just being made aware of this, +5 stars for just being made aware of this.

Mike Tyson?! - 2007-07-03

What could possibly go wrong?

How about this whole fucking show.

Jimmy Labatt - 2007-07-03

Sweet Christ cartoon Bubsy was even more obnoxious and cloying than video game Bubsy. I...I didn't think that was possible.

Unmerciful Crushing Force - 2007-07-03

Jesus christ. I actually saw this thing when it aired.

I actually liked the original Bubsy game (I was a cartoon-addicted kid with zero taste, sue me) and looked forward to the cartoon hyped in the manual. I even set my VCR to tape it. When I did record it, all I got was static. After the initial disappointment, I forgot all about it thereafter.

I guess my point is that I think I had a guardian angel who knew better watching over me during that turbulent time of my life.

Unmerciful Crushing Force - 2007-07-03

Oh, and this is almost exactly like Poochie.

Mayberry Pancakes - 2008-02-11

How did you see this? To the best of my knowledge, this was a pilot that never aired and no further episodes were produced. Did it actually come on somewhere? Do you live in Hell?

Unmerciful Crushing Force - 2008-10-11

The party's over but for PoeTV Historians, there was a yearly thing they used to run on Thanksgiving on one of the channels where they had a marathon of cartoons, mostly consisting of failed TV pilots. Also when the Battletoads cartoon aired. For that matter, the pilot also came with Bubsy for the PC WHY DO I KNOW THESE THINGS

Caminante Nocturno - 2007-07-03

Bubsy was a failure in every aspect imaginable, and the fact that someone or something insisted on keeping him alive for as long as they did mystifies me. I don't think there's anybody out there who didn't hate Bubsy at first sight.

Anybody who kisses an alarm clock like that is not a person you want on your TV.

fluffy - 2007-07-03

"Well hey, Sonic and Mario both have cartoons, so I bet we could make a lot of money on something like this!"

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2007-07-03

Think of that guy you know. The one who thinks he's really, really funny and loudly proclaims how funny he is at work, or in other public arenas, and how your teeth grate whenever you hear him? Well, here's the cartoon version. Which for some reason looks like a theme park needed a TV show advertisement.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2007-07-03

Also, I've never heard of Bubsy before now, for a bit I thought it had to be fake Speigel animation of some sort.

Sexy Duck Cop - 2014-12-09

To be fair, this does remind me a lot of Maus.

RomancingTrain - 2007-07-03

That had 15 cuts. No wonder kids are retarded.

Knuckles - 2007-07-03

Who the hell brushes their teeth before eating breakfast?

eatenmyeyes - 2007-07-03

I sometimes do to get the taste out of my mouth. The taste of this however lingers.

hellomisterkaiser - 2007-07-03

Most of the time, audio/video sync errors annoy me, but this one actually works in the video's favor.

Mayberry Pancakes - 2007-07-03

Voice provided by Rob Paulsen (Yakko of Animaniacs)

eatenmyeyes - 2007-07-03

Oh, dear. I didn't notice before.

Aubrey McFate - 2007-07-04

He was only ever in a good cartoon on accident.

Sean Robinson - 2007-07-03

Oh Busby, your exclamation point t-shirt says you're punk, but your lack of sunglasses informs us that you're really just a pussy.

dead_cat - 2010-02-05

A cartoon about Busby Berkeley would have been way better than this.

Cap'n Profan!ty - 2007-07-04

It's "Bubsy." And it's fucking horrible.

Xenocide - 2007-07-04

You can tell they're struggling to think of enough things for Bubsy to do to fill 60 seconds. Oh, and thanks for shoving that horrible catchphrase down our throats.

dead_cat - 2007-07-04

Wow, it's just the intro and already you can see it circling the drain.

Aubrey McFate - 2007-07-04

You know, I just noticed how horrible his name is.

Bubsy. Bubsy. God, it's what an effeminate Wolverine would call his hairdresser.

Feyd - 2007-07-05

even Heathcliff makes this guy look like a fag.

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