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Crackersmack - 2023-04-17

the goal is to keep us fighting with as much hostility as possible over issues that inconvenience the ruling class as little as possible

Lef - 2023-04-17

Crack dropping truth bombs.

mustard - 2023-04-17

A slow slide towards a more theocratic government is worth fighting whether it inconveniances the ruling class or not. And it has far reaching and real consequences, abortion rights isn't some fringe decoy issue to distract from more important issues.

Crackersmack - 2023-04-17

yes make sure you fight real hard against that 'slow slide towards a more theocratic government' while your rent goes up 20% per year, and groceries, transportation, medicine become even more of a financial burden year after year

this was a great video because it started out about something truly consequential (reproductive rights), but wouldn't you know it by the end it's just transsexual issues again, like everything in American politics now

Binro the Heretic - 2023-04-17

This isn't a culture war issue, this is a human rights issue.

Monsters out there want to destroy all LGBTQ people.

People's lives are LITERALLY on the line.

If you want us all to get on with bringing down the capitalist oligarchs, please help us protect the human rights of LGBTQ people so we don't have to worry about them being tortured and/or killed.

Crackersmack - 2023-04-18

really? they want to "destroy all LGBTQ people?"

this kind of hyperbole doesn't help anything, it's entirely possible to make a compelling argument against banning books, etc. without doing this

everything that I mentioned actually will result in deaths; real preventable deaths of people that are displaced from their homes and that ration medicine, etc.,

the entire point of the culture war shit is to get normie centrist liberals like yourself to do the "If you want us all to get on with bringing down the capitalist oligarchs, please help us protect the..." part endlessly, and over increasingly niche identity nonsense that does not pose any threat whatsoever to the ruling class. and holy shit has it worked well

Spike Jonez - 2023-04-18

Christofascism is real. You're just all for it

Lef - 2023-04-18

The current pope is pro-gay.
He turns a blind eye to using birth control and abortion.
They won't even excommunicate politicians thata vote for abortion rights and fund family planning.

These are emotional whistles used for mob reaction.

What about chemically castrating gay autistic boys? Why are democrats supporting that?

rural - 2023-04-18

Prioritizing economic comfort (rent, groceries, transportation, medicine) at the expense of marginalized groups (trans, non-Christians) and basic rights (reproduction) is *precisely* how you get to fascism.

Crackersmack - 2023-04-18

housing is frivolous "economic comfort" but cosmetic hysterectomies and casterations are life-saving "basic rights"

Binro the Heretic - 2023-04-18


"...for the good of society…transgenderism must be eradicated from public life entirely." - Michael Knowles at CPAC 2023

https://www.hrc.org/press-releases/human-rights-campaign-extre mists-at-cpac-laid-bare-hatred-at-root-of-vile-legislation-targeti ng-trans-people

Yes, the mega-rich are funding assholes like Knowles and funding state-level anti-LGBTQ legislation to divert us from fighting them.

The consequences of not fighting Knowles and his ilk will be dire for LGBTQ people. At the very least, many trans people will be driven to take their own lives out of despair. At worst, we will see right-wing lunatics actively murdering them.

Like I said, help us secure the safety and rights of LGBTQ people first, and then we'll take on the megamillionaires.

Binro the Heretic - 2023-04-18

Oh, shit, I should have read all the way down before replying to you, Crackersmack.

You're just purely anti-trans.

Nothing you say means a squirt of piss to me.

Binro the Heretic - 2023-04-18


What the fuck?

Crackersmack - 2023-04-18

yes rightwing billionaires are funding the media that promotes this culture war bullshit!
not out of any specific hatred of novelty gender identities, but rather to keep us from uniting along common struggles like how we are all being economically fucking wrecked for their benefit

just a few years ago we were dangerously close to the formation of an *electorally viable* nonpartisan political alignment of working class people demanding things like medicare for all, bold police reform, $15 minimum wage, etc, INDEPENDANT of either political party

making sure that we don't get close to that again the point of injecting this fringe-of-the-fringe identity politics shit into literally every discussion, if you start demanding reproductive rights or housing reform (or anything that threatens profit margins of political donors) you can be sure that both political parties will have some Ed Gein dude in a evening gown show up and get everybody off topic

Binro the Heretic - 2023-04-18

Do you think you'll legislate the oligarchs away?

It only ends with torches, pitchforks and guillotines.

Until you're ready to do that, everything else is just masturbation.

Crackersmack - 2023-04-18

I think that legislating away the worst of their abuses is a lot more realistic of a goal than whatever fantasy you are talking about

but why would they legislate ANYTHING that might help workers at the expense of their wealthy benefactors when so many of their voters like you are just eager to make excuses for putting working class issues on the backburner?

they don't have to do anything except stay one step to the left of the increasingly radical republicans on this one issue that has nothing to do with the plight of 99.9% of America, and you will happily just dismiss pretty much all economic issues as frivolous

this bizarre, hyperbolic persecution complex wrt trans issues is the same on both sides; liberals are imagining some kind of quasi-holocaust that just isn't happening and maga chuds are imagining that every eccentric gay teacher is automatically some kind of child predator. you're all fucking retarded, our shitty society is crumbling around us and you're yelling at each other about the dumbest, most inconsequential shit while we get fucking fleeced

Lef - 2023-04-19


Have you looked into what kids are most affected by trans ideology?

The VAST MAJORITY are classified as autistic males.
Transitioning a boy is to steralize them.

Some of the bad guys from WW2 would look at what our culture is doing, stand and clap.

Transitioning children steralizes them. Many of those kids would have ended up accepting their body and being gay.

Please read this part:
I am revolted at the thought that I participate in a society that is steralizing gay and autistic kids. I do not want to end their blood line. There is great joy in havig children, including if you are gay or trans.

Love who you want to love, love them in the best way you can.

But please stop steralizing children.

mon666ster - 2023-04-19


You can't be this dumb. Three seconds of actual research would show you that no one is sterilizing children.

Lef - 2023-04-19


This was not hard to find:

Can Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Make You Sterile? For some transfeminine individuals who are transitioning, the hormones you take during your transition may make it impossible for you to have biological children. Procedures like orchiectomies (removing your testicles) can also cause fertility problems.

More details are also not hard to find.

There are more.
Horemone treatment and castration will steralize you.

You are a gaslighting barely literate thing. You come off as a eugenisist that hates gays and autists. You wish to end these childrens lines.

Transitioning kids steralises them. Fuck you for supporting evil.

Crackersmack - 2023-04-19

yeah I think at the very least we should all be able to agree that medical transition shouldn't start until the patient is old enough to give informed consent, but oddly enough that idea meets a lot of really aggressive resistance from libs even as they claim that it's ridiculous to assert that children are being medically transitioned

Binro the Heretic - 2023-04-19


When you say "autistic" do you mean, like, level 3 autism, non-verbal autism or do you just mean somewhere on the very broad autism spectrum?

What was your source for all this, anyway?

The only source I could find that says transitioning causes sterility came from the University of Utah and Utah is full of asshole fundies.

I don't know if you're a gay man and are upset that young men are choosing to transition instead of remaining hot gay dudes or if you feel the trans movement is trying to erase gay men or what, but understand the people attacking trans people will go after you next.

They've already stated one of their goals is to "roll us back to 2015."

You know, before same-sex marriage was legal?

Nominal - 2023-04-20

Why do people still reply to these two?

Lef - 2023-04-20


google is hard.

https://www.spectrumnews.org/news/largest-study-to-date-confir ms-overlap-between-autism-and-gender-diversity/

Transgender women shoudl freeze their sperm, and Transgender men may have issues and should lay off the hormones if they want to get pregnant:

Chopping off gonads and preventing puberty, inherintly evil.

Binro the Heretic - 2023-04-20


Again, autism is a wide spectrum. There's also likely "overlaps" between autism and literally any other human activity you can think of.

You're making it sound like there's a conspiracy to target and "sterilize" all autistic people by way of manipulating them into transitioning or forcibly transitioning them, which is Matt Walsh levels of bullshit.

I'm just going to ask, are you gay and/or autistic?

casualcollapse - 2023-04-23

As a person with a trans friend, he had children before the hormones, so he is all right.

And the world has enough children holy fuck what kind of dog shit is this? If a person wants to sterilize themselves, fucking let them. Hard Times make stronger people anyways.

snothouse - 2023-04-17

They need to pass a bill to fund a windscreen for that mic.

Binro the Heretic - 2023-04-17

It's useless to call out the right for hypocrisy.

Their one and only principle is, "Get our way at all cost and through any means necessary."

Therefore, anything they do to get their way isn't hypocritical even if it contradicts whatever bullshit rules or principles they claim to follow.

We really, REALLY need a change of strategy. Arguing with the assholes just makes them more powerful. We really need to start showing the human cost of all this legislation.

It's hard to do, though, because they have a vile army of trolls who would descend upon any LGBTQ person who comes forward to share their emotional story. If a 12-year-old came forward to say they were contemplating suicide before being allowed to transition, they would be savaged online and stalked in real life.

We need to raise our own army of people willing and able to act as defenders and fighters for the vulnerable.

We can't let the assholes win.

Cena_mark - 2023-04-17

Authoritarians have no consistent values or philosophy.

Binro the Heretic - 2023-04-17

No, they have exactly one: Do anything it takes to win.

Nominal - 2023-04-18

Their philosophy is O'Brien's ending monologue in 1984.

Amos - 2023-04-18

I'd just like to point out that this is "Portal of Evil TV" and that the quarter-century-long heritage of this website is an intensely, autistically antisocial devotion to mocking and dehumanizing sexual deviants.

Thank you all for your attention. Please return to your regularly scheduled liberal whinging.

Nominal - 2023-04-20

Which shunned asshole were you before you made a new account?

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