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casualcollapse - 2023-05-02

The 8 foot tall pizza man amuses me the most

themilkshark - 2023-05-02

Don't look at the hands

exy - 2023-05-02

it's hard to pick a favorite..

It's like family, but with more cheese.

Pepperoni Hug Spot

Knock Knock Who's There Pizza Magic

Gate's wide open to the ad agencies, language models! Get in there and make all marketing humans homeless already.

Nominal - 2023-05-02

We're just submitting any average chat bot text to speech now?

casualcollapse - 2023-05-02

Use your I statements, nom

Sputum - 2023-05-02

Chat GPT is way better at sounding coherent, so I imagine this is really written by a person to sound funny

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