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The Mothership - 2023-05-25


Quad9Damage - 2023-05-26

Who could have imagined that thirty years later, Beavis and Butt-Head would stand as an example of the most ageless formula in television history?

Think about it: what we have here is a late-gen Boomer talking through his Gen-X/Millennial '90s teenage characters about a twenty-something Zoomer's terrible song. And it just WORKS. There is no interference. Everyone is happy no matter how young or old they are, and the comment sections are a unification of peace, love, and harmony across decades of human history.

Oh, and the new episodes themselves are also wonderful. I can't get last night's image out of my mind, of a bunch of middle-aged Home Depot crewmen lining up to slap Beavis's sunburn. The only thing going against it is the rigid Archer-style animation.

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