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ashtar. - 2023-05-24

Support the thin mew line.

mon666ster - 2023-05-24

Cats > cops

Juice Eggs McKenna - 2023-05-25

Copcats > copdogs

Juice Eggs McKenna - 2023-05-25

Damnit Butters this time you've gone too far, the mayor'll have both our asses in a sling!

Nominal - 2023-05-25

"So this is some imitation Onion story I guess?"

(the most placeholder parody name for a fictitious town + Jeff Epstein post by cat)

"Okay, this HAS to be a joke."

"This is getting pretty long and detailed for a joke..."

"Oh my god, it's real."

ashtar. - 2023-05-25

Small towns, man.

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