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Binro the Heretic - 2023-09-13

When I was in high school back in the 1980s, it seemed like every girl had a volume from this series in her stack of schoolbooks and you could see them reading them at lunch or in study hall.

I finally asked a girl in my art class what they were about.

Boy, do I wish I hadn't done that.

Having them read by a piece of shit who liked to murder, mutilate and rape (in that order) young women is just about the only way they could have been made creepier.

poorwill - 2023-09-14

just read the wiki page and WHAT THE FUCK. it seemed like every pre-teen girl i knew growing up had this shit on their shelves lmao.

Quad9Damage - 2023-09-14

This is also the guy who murdered his own mother, chopped her head off, raped her severed head, and then shoved it down the garbage disposal, only to have it eject her vocal cords ("even in death, the bitch wouldn't shut up.")

Eh, yeah, anyway, having him read out loud a book about a bitch who locks up, starves, and mutilates her children gives it that extra flavor of creep. This man really didn't like his mom, in case that wasn't evident. He picked out women that looked like his mom.

And apparently he's still alive.

I have not read Flowers in the Attic. I also missed out on the probably gimmicky Lifetime mini-series. I did, however, read other V.C. Andrews books that Wikipedia tells me were in the "Casteel Family" series. If the synopsis of Flowers is anything to go on, this lady really liked her rape and her hillbilly molestation. And while I try not to generalize too much, I always imagined they were enjoyed by women who had a lot of cats and were in bad need of having the drywall replaced.

Binro the Heretic - 2023-09-14

Kemper's mom was pretty evil as well. If he's a monster, she was the Dr. Frankenstein who created him. After the divorce, she took out her anger at his father on young Ed. She constantly told him he was worthless. She told him she was afraid he would rape his younger sister and that's why she locked him in the basement.

Once he had worked up the courage to kill her, he was literally done. He turned himself in to the cops.

It's just a shame he had to kill so many innocent women before he could bring himself to take out his abusive mom.

Nominal - 2023-09-14

Chicks love misery porn.

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