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Desc:One of the original Portal of Evil exhibits reaches his penultimate stage.
Category:Horror, Crime
Tags:Incest, cwc, sonichu, Chris-Chan, matricide
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garcet71283 - 2023-09-13

YouTube pulled it down.

Just going to say it’s because of the “woke” agenda

I’ll leave this here

Quad9Damage - 2023-09-13

I watched it before it got nuked. The title was mostly clickbait because Chris's current living situation is pure speculation. Nobody knows what's going on or whether Barb is within reach of his bent duck. The usual monitoring stations (at least, the one on Reddit I lurked on) are trying to determine the truth. The only real evidence anyone has is that 1). The car he drove is/was parked at the house, and 2). He jumped back on his social media accounts as soon as he got out of jail.

It WOULD be completely irresponsible to leave an elderly dementia patient alone with an unhinged creep who ALREADY raped her. But God knows, worse mishandling has happened. Look at the history of serial killers and how the police ignored evidence in plain sight that could've saved lives.

Cena_mark - 2023-09-13

The CWC commentary crowd sucks. Most of the videos is just someone reading the CWCKI verbatim.

Quad9Damage - 2023-09-13

Basically every 20 minute video with a talking head that reads an article out loud (after ten minutes of shilling the sponsor.)

Crackersmack - 2023-09-13

yeah the video sucked and I have no idea who the guy was but it had all the details up to that point. Chris has been spotted driving the car and shopping locally so he/she/they/them is definitely at the house and all up in that Barbussy like the day it was born

Quad9Damage - 2023-09-14

Never mind all that!

Should someone as mentally unfit as Chris really be driving a car?

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