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SolRo - 2023-11-20

Took so long to get out the hopper that the IDF has moved on to warcriming a different hospital

https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2023/11/20/israeli-tanks-surrou nd-gazas-indonesian-hospital-after-killing-12-people

ashtar. - 2023-11-20

Nah, it's the same one. It had to stop admitting patients due to lack of supplies, power, and beds. Now they are shooting at it and surrounding it with tanks.

The actual photos and videos from Gaza are horrific, especially compared to how sanitized a lot of the news coverage is.

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I don't know how people are debating this. Calling for a ceasefire seems like the bare minimum necessary to not be an absolute monster.

SolRo - 2023-11-20

People aren’t debating this, they’re watching with glee and smug satisfaction.

Read the comments in these videos, a lot of them are openly saying or heavily implying that every Palestinian deserves to die because of Hamas and that Israel can do genocide because Hamas should have known Israel would do a genocide so “they’re asking for it”.

Hamas has a more justified rationale for its terrorism than these psychotics and Zionists do justifying their genocide

glasseye - 2023-11-20

Yeah, the red and blue halves of the capitalist-imperialist party are drooling as they sharpen their knives. They don't care that more Palestinian children have been murdered than the total number of Israeli's killed by Palestinians since 1948, they just delight in the slaughter.

Ghouls like Biden and nearly every Democrat in congress are enthusiastically supporting and directly funding this massacre.

ashtar. - 2023-11-21

The comments on mainstream news articles are incredibly dark. I feel like we are living through something that will be talked about in history books for a long time.

Crackersmack - 2023-11-21

I am genuinely grateful for the ability to contrast 2 years of Ukraine propaganda with the last month of Israel propaganda; even the least-engaged normie can see that something is extremely wrong here. I'm heartened by the reaction of people in America that are discovering for the first time how our political class has this intense, self-destructive allegiance to this nasty little settler colonial state. I think we are in strange times but something has definitely broken here, maybe for the better.

cognitivedissonance - 2023-11-21

We need dat airstrip, genius brain.

cognitivedissonance - 2023-11-21

*backwater peasant continues tilling the soil despite the Battle of Acre happening in the Holy Land, unable to affect the outcome in any way meaningful or not, leaves the flouncing to the court fops*

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