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casualcollapse - 2024-02-23

Until the left learns how to meme like the right…. this still is impressive. And I applaud the effort.

Nominal - 2024-02-23

The fuck is a goulag?

HarrietTubmanPI - 2024-02-23

Gulag. Sending someone to exile.

Nominal - 2024-02-23

So this thing was made in SURRENDER MONKEY FRANCE???

Adjuvant - 2024-02-23

Goulag is a tasty stew made with beef, onions, carrots, and sweet paprika, often served over noodles.

Crackersmack - 2024-02-23

Jan 6th was actually very funny and almost kinda cool, seems totally insane to make that the center of an election campaign three years after it happened instead of making literally any gesture towards addressing the housing crisis, the opioid crisis, immigration, all the stupid wars, etc etc etc

HarrietTubmanPI - 2024-02-23

You're talking about MAGA Republicans and Trump supporters. They don't want to fix any of the real issues this country faces because they don't care or are ignorant about the actual problems this country is facing. If you want someone to actually address those problems, a MAGA Republican is not the person you want.

A centrist Democrat probably isn't either.

I don't see how J6 was 'funny and kinda cool' though. I'm not sure what planet you're on. It's not really ok to overthrow an election because you didn't like the results.

yogarfield - 2024-02-23

@harriet You're talking to Crackersmack. Don't expect brains or sense.

This game could be funny and cool, if the only target was that traitor bitch that got smoked, and when you lost the ball it played audio of that fat fuck that had a coronary while calling his wife.

Crackersmack - 2024-02-23

nobody tried to overthrow an election, the ridiculous hyperbole around that is like the Dem version of "Obama is from Kenya"

HarrietTubmanPI - 2024-02-24

You are officially a moron. They literally stormed the capitol on the day that the election was to be certified in order to stop the election going to Biden. They broke into the US Capitol. On the day the election was to be certified. They stole government property.

Trump incited a riot to overthrow the election. To this day he still claims he won and that it was fraudulent with zero evidence to back it up.

Crackersmack - 2024-02-24

a suspiciously understaffed capitol police force opened the doors and let in a bunch of fat boomer protestors who proceeded to wander around until they got bored and left. and now all of them are being prosecuted and are standing in front of courts crying and blubbering about how they are sorry and dumb. and the capitol police got billions of dollars. and Democrats get something to fear-monger about that doesn't risk lowering the profits of their donors. that's why we are talking about it three years later.

you don't overthrow an election by breaking a window or pooping on Nancy Pelosi's desk. when the news media tells you that it was an "insurrection" they are telling you that they think you are stupid.

you don't change the president of the united states by stopping whatever you think happens in the capitol building. this entire fantasy scenario has been cooked up by liberals to provide some reason to mobilize for them (because they certainly didn't give us any other reason) and it is so fucking retarded that it is actually painful to continue to have this discussion. if those boomers had killed every single federal worker in the capitol building, Joe Biden would still be president. none of the people that are terrified of this have any idea how any part of it actually functions.

teethsalad - 2024-02-24

yet again more dilletant bullshit from a thrill-seeking spoiled brat, eager to light it all on fire, who has no idea how much strife & turmoil it took for things to get this "boring"

Crackersmack - 2024-02-24

who thinks this is boring? the fucking house is already on fire. this country is completely fucked for a huge number of people and it is directly because of retards like you

yogarfield - 2024-02-25

@cracker Normally I just ignore you, but I have some free time to point out how hilariously wrong your take is.

Sadly I have to track these sort of things, and if you actually believe J6 wasn't a failed coup d'etat, you are a fucking moron.

MONTHS before J6 I was having to ghost in some of their TG feeds. I chatted with the Buffalo Guy. He's a dummy, shocking.

Comments from these threads, and the texts are altered so you can't trace me:

A: It's DC, we can't bring guns
B: There is no ban on muskets because technically they are vintage
A: oh that's genius
B: Plus it would look like so patriotic
C: I can also just bring a carload of ARs and leave them up at a secured spot just outside DC
A: possibly a good idea
C: just sayin
D: [inserts DIY for making pipe bombs]
l: So what am i supposed to put in these
A: We could also take flags and add daggers to the top, so when we wave them we catch them off guard.
X: we gonna run a busload from bama

All of these things fucking happened.

If you try to write off J6 as anything other than an actual failed overthrow, you're too dumb to vote.


Also, your whole "opened the doors" is when the traitors were allowed into a protest kettle, and then they broke though that. But I'm sure that just a mental misstep on your part, because clearly you've actually put your foot on the streets and protested peacefully before. Right?

Hard nope. It was a severely premeditated coup attempt to overturn democracy, poorly executed by a bunch of simpletons that were egged on by a failed D-List celebrity. There is no explaining it any other way.

Crackersmack - 2024-02-25

So if they did bring weapons, tell me how we get from there to Trump being president. Explain that process to me.

HarrietTubmanPI - 2024-02-25

By cracker's logic, the civil war couldn't have been a civil war since the south lost.

HarrietTubmanPI - 2024-02-26

Also this gem:

"So if they did bring weapons, tell me how we get from there to Trump being president. Explain that process to me."

Trump was president for 4 years before January 6.

You're asking how a bunch of MAGA idiots with an inept insurrection expected to succeed, well that's only in their mind. But Trump was responsible, and they got way further than they ever should.

An insurrection attempt is still an insurrection attempt.

Crackersmack - 2024-02-26

yeah the problem with your idea is that they couldn't possibly overturn the election by violently storming the capitol building, there was no organized effort to do so, and nobody came prepared to do so.

if we are gonna just throw shit at the wall to see what sticks it's a lot more likely that agent provocateurs working for capitol police (and who knows who else) planned to make/let the protest get out of hand, so they could demand billions of additional funding and also fortify every federal building in anticipation of widely expanded protests and riots in the near future due to rapidly declining living conditions

yogarfield - 2024-02-27


Do you somehow not know what was going on on J6? The left response isn't "WELL GARSH, THEM REDNECKS ALMOST TOOK OVER THE GOVERMENT, I HEART BIDEN WHY DOESN'T HE MAKE CUSTOM AVIATORS"

I'll spell it out slowly:

- Cheesbro and others started planning out offering alternate electors in seven states months in advance.

- The VP is responsible for confirming the electoral collage.

- If Mike Pence is dead, the confirmation falls to President pro tempore Chuck Grassley, who would was 100% in on it and would have taken the alternative electors. Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, Michagan, Wisconsin and Georgia, the last of which has Trump on the phone conveniently asking for the perfect amount of votes to win.

If you don't think this a premeditated failed coup, you're beyond reasoning with.

Try to keep up.

Crackersmack - 2024-02-27

Damn and the rest of the senate would just go along with that? Just 'this one easy trick' and the entire US government changes hands? Grassley picks different electors than the ones sent by those states, against the will of those states, against the will of everybody else in the senate/federal government, immediately after the public murder of the VP...and then they all just abide by it. Do I understand this scenario correctly? This is the big coup? Serious people believe this almost happened?

And if Grassley is such a massive threat... why is he still in the senate? Democrats held it for two years after Jan 6th 2021. They just let this dangerous man threaten our precious democracy like that, without even censuring him? And then there is the problem of the lack of any kind of connection or coordination between the protestors and the people with this supposed pre-existing plan to have 'alternative electors.'

This whole scenario runs straight into the main paradox of Democrats today; the idea that they are always up against some existential threat, that democracy is always on the line, that their opponents are fascists and nazis and people that literally will kill people if they take power. Republicans are such a massive threat that there is no time for anything else. Democrats can't be bothered to put together any kind of legislation to materially benefit voters, they must first contain this dire threat, which takes all of their time and resources. But also at the same time they have to follow decorum and norms and maintain congenial relationships with their respected colleagues the Republicans. They can never do anything uncouth like reform an obviously deeply corrupt Republican, SCOTUS or even take a single committee appointment away from a senator that they would tell you was ready to literally overthrow the US government.

Sludge Vohaul - 2024-02-23

This is a perfect metaphor for j6: make a bunch of noise, bang on stuff and ultimately end up in a locked box.

Nominal - 2024-02-26

Light up 270 electoral votes to re-elect Trump, hit the Pardon ramp,, and all locked balls get released to wreck havoc in a multi ball.

Cena_mark - 2024-02-23

I didn't even realize CPAC happened. I usually end up hearing a lot of the nuttiness said their, but maybe it's started getting too crazy for the media to really follow. Can't take it seriously anymore.

Nominal - 2024-02-23



Cena_mark - 2024-02-24

It's pretty cool seeing CPAC's steady decline. It used to be huge, but it has been destroyed by the right's excesses. It's no longer the must-go event for Republicans, and those vacant speaking positions are filled with crazier extremists every year.

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