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cognitivedissonance - 2007-11-26

All surplus store owners are crazy and scary. This one adds "lovable" to the mix.

Senator_Unger - 2007-11-26

Wait...this isn't a Mike Gravel campaign commercial?

smoothbrain - 2007-11-26

I've been there. His yard is even more full of junk, and yes 99% of the stuff in there is just junk - anything good has been snapped up over the years - but it's a lot of interesting junk. Unfortunately the lab no longer auctions off their surplus crap. If you ever get up there, definitely check out this place for the anti-government anti-nuke propaganda, and definitely check out the Bradbury museum to get the pro-nuke propaganda.

Crucifried - 2007-11-26

Ed Grothus says: Do not ride the bomb.

Randroid - 2007-11-27

I want to be like this when I grow up.

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