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C. Eloi Marx - 2008-08-09

Someone needs to mass produce these things.

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-08-09

I like the one colored like a bee.


godot - 2008-08-09

A similar concept from Venture Vehicles:

I doubt they'll make their k target price, but 100 mpg, and 0-60 in 7 seconds would be a great option.

Doctor Frederick Odd - 2008-08-09

Not very entertaining despite the quirky land vehicle. Notably missing is one of Clarkson's unnecessary and umcomprehensible annalogies.

X is to Y what RANDOM(Object) is to RANDOM(Object/Nationality/Activity) during RANDOM(Event/Location).

I do remember that these toys were present in the old Robocop Tv series.

baleen - 2008-08-09

Not entertaining? My child, have you no tron within you? Do you just piddle paddle about with your pirates of the carribbean and your minicooper.

Doctor Frederick Odd - 2008-08-09

This is no Tron bike. This vehicle has the shape of a gold fish.

baleen - 2008-08-10

Go to their website and check out the Monotracer. That's totally Tron. It goes 200mph, and it's only a 100K pounds!

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