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buttnutt - 2008-11-15

From wikipedia: "he scent of Binturong musk is often compared to that of warm popcorn and cornbread."


Goethe and ernie - 2008-11-15

My he-scent is also often compared to warm popcorn. I have no idea what cornbread is though.

Helena Handbasket - 2008-11-15

How can you not know what cornbread is? You were obviously not brought up in the south.

buttnutt - 2008-11-16

or black

Lurchi - 2008-11-16

I was brought up in white Jewish New England and we had cornbread often.

Goethe and ernie - 2008-11-16

I'm English. We don't have "cornbread" over here. We have bread and scrape, though.

Xiphias - 2008-11-16

what the fuck is "warm"

jaunch - 2008-11-16

Cornbread is just like it sounds: bread made out of ground corn instead of wheat. It isn't as soft and fluffy as regular bread. It's almost like a firm cake. It is often slightly sweet, but doesn't have to be. I have had spicy "Mexican" cornbread with peppers in it, for example. It goes great with spicy soups like gumbo and red beans & rice. Of course, I'm from Louisiana, so those are the foods I most often associate with cornbread.

I don't know if you've ever had a hush puppy either, but if you have, cornbread is very similar.

Konversekid - 2008-11-16

Or know what bread is.

NoCode - 2008-11-16

Joey the Lemur!

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